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For me, foundation is one of the most essential products that I use in my daily make-up routine, and it is one step in particular which I never miss out under any circumstances!
Achieving a flawless looking complexion is something which I strive for, and as foundation is something that I wear every day to help create the illusion of seamless skin, it is definitely one product in particular that I am willing to spend a little bit more of my money on..Knowing that my skin looks healthy and faultless gives me such a confidence boost in myself, and that is honestly something that I cannot put a price on! Over the years I have tried out countless amounts of foundations..From liquids to powders, from sheer coverage to heavy coverage, from drugstore brands to high-end brands and everything else in-between, in an attempt to find the perfect foundation for me and my skin. During my quest, I have unsurprisingly accumulated quite a large selection of all different foundations which I have been trialling, however I have noticed that the majority of my foundation collection are all in liquid form. While I do absolutely love liquid foundations because they are so easy to work with and I have been using them for many, many years, I decided that I wanted to try something a little bit different. A foundation in stick form is something that I see a lot of, but honestly it is something that I have never really considered before..That was until one of my most favourite brands around, Make-up Forever released one in their range earlier this year, and of course I had to try it out myself.   

It was only at the beginning of last year that I actually got introduced to the leading beauty brand Make-up Forever, and after hearing nothing but incredible things about their collection, especially their innovative HD range of products, I decided to try a couple of items out for myself as soon as I got the chance to..It is safe to say, I was impressed!

Make-up Forever were the original pioneers of the HD make-up category, and more recently they have continued to redefine and elevate beauty standards with the launch of their new Ultra HD range, which includes the first and only foundations designed for 4K technology. 

The New Ultra HD make-up line has been developed and created specifically for the very latest high-definition technologies of the TV and film industry. The advanced Ultra HD formulas look completely invisible under the super-focused 4K lens and also to the naked eye as well. As soon as I read about this new range that Make-up Forever offer, I was intrigued to try it out and see how it compared to the original HD line. While I am still yet to try the new and improved liquid foundation from the latest HD range, I have tried the Ultra HD Stick Foundation, and I have to admit, I am completely loving it so far.

Since I purchased the Ultra HD Foundation Stick I have used it quite a few times, and I will admit that I was not sure if I was going to like it at first. There was nothing about the foundation that made me take an instant dislike to it, the product itself was great, I just could not get used to using a foundation in stick formula..It felt foreign to me as I am so used to using liquids, and every time I applied it, something just did not look 'right' about it. However, after persisting with it and trying it out a lot more using different application techniques, this stick foundation has completely grown on me, and as of right now, I am actually really enjoying using it..And I understand why others are too!

I like to apply the foundation directly onto my skin from the stick..I strategically place two stripes down each cheek, one stripe down the bridge of my nose, one across my chin and one across my forehead as well. While this does not look like a lot of product initially, it is all you need, as a little goes a very long way with this foundation. Of course if you want a higher coverage in some places, then you can always go in and layer more product on top, as this is a buildable foundation which layers beautifully without turning heavy looking. After I have placed the desired amount of foundation to these areas of the face, I then take a damp beauty blender to blend it all out..I find that using a beauty blender rather than a brush gives a much more even and natural looking finish overall, whilst still offering a beautiful flawless base. The formula of the foundation is really soft and creamy that the product just glides onto the skin so smoothly and it blends out effortlessly, like a dream too. Once everything is completely blended in, the foundation looks almost traceless, just like a second skin, yet it still provides a great medium-to-full coverage. While offering amazing coverage, the foundation in turn also conceals any imperfections on the skin..Fine lines appear blurred, Pores seem non-existent, blemishes are hidden and discolouration is completely covered. Even with the highest coverage, the velvety texture diffuses and melts into the skin, so it does not appear heavy or cakey at all. Though, I will point out that if you suffer from dryness on the skin, be sure to moisturise thoroughly before applying this foundation, as unfortunately it does have a tendency to cling to any dry patches and accentuate them rather than cover them. As well as not looking heavy on the skin, this foundation also does not feel heavy on the skin either, it still feels as if the skin can breathe through the make-up, pores do not feel clogged in product and it really does not feel as if you are wearing a full coverage foundation..It is so lightweight! One of the main factors that I particularly love about the newly formulated Ultra HD Stick Foundation is the finish that it has. Albeit I do love the matte finish of the liquid HD Foundation, I really do prefer the soft Satin finish of this one, especially for the summer time. It adds a noticeably, yet subtle gorgeous luminosity to the skin, that just looks so radiant and healthy, and it gives the appearance that you are glowing from within..It really is beautiful.

I am honestly so glad that I stuck with this foundation and I did not give up on it easily to begin with because I really wanted to love this foundation when I first bought it and now I can say that I actually do. I even want to purchase it in some darker shades as well, as I think this product would work perfectly as a cream bronzer or contour!

Compared to the original HD range, Make-up Forever have obviously made some changes to the formulas of their foundations, and they have managed to improve their already remarkable products to turn them into something quite spectacular. There is certainly no denying that this new, revolutionary foundation stick is definitely an Ultra HD foundation, and I cannot believe how it has the ability to completely transform the skin to make it appear perfectly flawless...My skin is no where near perfect, but with the Make-up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation, I think just about anybody would believe that it naturally is.
Have you tried the new Ultra HD range from Make-up Forever yet? What are your thoughts?       
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