Tuesday, 3 May 2016


When I first stepped foot into the YSL Store on Sloane Street, London I am pretty sure that my jaw fell to the ground, as I had been swooped away to some serious, luxurious Heaven.
I was surrounded by some of the most opulent Handbags, Purses, Shoes and Accessories that you could ever wish to see, and it was only it that moment that I realised the excitement which your first, luxury designer purchase can bring you. Saint Laurent Paris is one of the most Iconic luxury fashion houses around and it has been a brand which I have admired for many years now..I have always imagined the day that I could walk into a store and make my first ever special purchase of something which I will treasure forever. 

As much as I wish I was able to sit here and tell you that I had finally purchased the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour tote handbag, sadly I cannot..I just don't feel like I am ready to make that kind of investment yet for myself (Even if I do look at pictures of the bag online on a daily basis and imagine what it would be like to own one!). Instead, I decided to start off small and treat myself to an item which I have been wanting to get for a while now, that I know I will use every single day..A card case. As someone who very rarely carries cash on them, I really do not need to be carrying around a big, bulky Ted Baker purse in my handbag everyday..It is unnecessary weight and it just takes up all of the room! A card holder is definitely sufficient enough for me to be able to keep everything in that I need when I go out for the day..bank card, credit card (for emergencies), driving licence and my morrisons card (for petrol points!), and I honestly do not know why it has taken me this long to invest in one of these because they are just SO handy! I started looking at different card holders from a variety of different brands a couple of months back now, and initially I planned on getting one from Aspinal of London..that was until I set eyes on the ones from Saint Laurent. Whilst they do come with a much bigger price tag, they are definitely worth it, as everything from how aesthetically pleasing they are, to the quality of the leather, is completely astounding. Before deciding on the card case I wanted, I spent a little bit of time exploring the options on the Saint Laurent website, to see what they had to offer. I was shocked to discover just how many different designs they have in card cases and to begin with I was a bit bewildered..I really could not make up my mind (I am the most indecisive person you will ever know!), and I knew it had to be perfect when I was considering spending so much money on such a small item. At first I was going to choose one which was quite minimal and understated, but then I thought, NO, this is my first Saint Laurent purchase and I want it to be somewhat of a statement piece..something extravagant and noticeable. After taking my time to search through them all, I eventually found the one which was one hundred percent perfect for me..The Monogram Saint Laurent Credit Card Case, in black grain de powder textured matelasse leather. It has the gorgeous matelasse stitching all around it which looks absolutely stunning, and on the front is has the metal interlocking YSL signature in gold hardware..it is just breathtakingly beautiful. Usually I would not gravitate towards gold hardware, so it is something a little different for me and I am so glad I made this choice because I really love the black and gold (Sam Sparro throwback!) contrast..It looks much more classic and timeless in my opinion. Also, when it comes to card holders, I really recommend always going for grained/textured leather, as it will not get scratched when it is in your handbag with other items..It will last much longer and maintain itself more than smooth leather would..And, of course when it comes to costly, investment leather pieces like this one, you want it to last a lifetime!

All in all, I am so over the moon with my new Saint Laurent card case, it is everything I wanted and more. It is so unbelievably stunning (pictures do not do it justice), and I just cannot stop staring at it..I cannot get over the fact that it is actually mine, as I never thought I would see that day that I owned anything from Saint Laurent, my most coveted luxury brand. I am so happy that I waited to make my purchase until I was in London so I could really appreciate the full experience of going into a Saint Laurent store and finalising my first ever purchase..Hopefully it will not be too long until my next visit..Sac de Jour, I am coming for you! I know that many people will not understand my feeling of excitement, but I do work hard for the money I earn and being able to treat myself to my first, deluxe designer piece is a pretty significant moment to me..there is something about buying your first investment piece from a brand that you love so much that makes you feel completely euphoric.    

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Lots of Love,
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