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Around this time every year is when we all start anticipating the arrival of the new Spring/Summer collection releases that all of our favourite brands have lined up for us.
From the most loved fashion houses, to the most coveted beauty brands, and everyone else in between, we are getting introduced to their latest launches that are going to get us ready for the summer sunshine (which we are all praying for here in the UK!). The majority of different brands all release incredible products which are extremely innovative and beautifully unique, and while I would love to try them all, unfortunately my bank account just will not allow me to do so! However, there is one brand in particular that I especially look forward to seeing every year, and every year I have to treat myself to at least one their new Spring/Summer items..Of course, it is none other than, Tom FordWhile Tom Ford might be known to most as the designer of remarkable luxury fashion pieces, he is in fact also the creator of a completely breathtaking beauty range as well..And, with me being the beauty enthusiast that I am, I am always excited to see what new, deluxe makeup items he has come up with as every year the collections just seem to get better and better.
From the sensuous white and gold packaging, to the selection of gorgeous shades, Tom Ford's seasonal Spring/Summer collection never disappoints. When I got my first glimpse of this years collection a few weeks back, I was totally in awe, and I was particularly impressed with the wide series of products, shades and formulas which would all be available..It certainly is a very diverse range, there is definitely no denying that! The products included in the Tom Ford Soleil color collection 2016 were all inspired by endless summers, and they have been designed to illuminate the skin to achieve a healthy, summer glow all year round. To help attain that radiant looking skin which we all desire, Tom Ford have released a total of twelve new bronzing and highlighting products within their latest collection, and each item is just as beautiful and overwhelming as the next..

The collection consists of || 
 Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust
 Bronzing Primer in Resort To Pleasure
 Cream And Powder Eye Color in Golden Peach, Naked Bronze
 Large Bronzing Powder in Gold Dust, Terra, Bronze Age
 Bronzing Powder (standard size) in Gold Dust, Terra, Bronze Age
 Cream Cheek Color in Pink Sand, Pieno Sole
 Sheer Cheek Duo in Bicoastal 
 Soleil Contouring Compact in The Afternooner
 Moisturecore Lip Colour in Mustique, Otranto, Cala Di Volpe, Pipa, Carriacou, Scandola 
 Lip Color Sheer in Paradiso, Sweet Spot
 Ultra-Rich Lip Color in Le Mepris, Temptation Waits, Aphrodite, Solar Affair, Revolve Around Me, Purple Noon

Even though absolutely everything in the collection is ridiculously stunning, there is one piece in particular that is the 'stand out' product of them all and it definitely steals the show..The Soleil Contouring Compact, is the one that everyone is talking about, and it is the one that everybody would love to get their hands on! 
I first saw a preview of this compact on Victoria McGrath's Youtube channel last month, and straight away I put some of my money aside ready for the debut, so that I could treat myself to some Tom Ford goodness. With Tom Ford being an extremely luxurious brand and this being one of the most (if not, the most) desired pieces from the range, I expected it to come at a price, and with a price tag of £78 (€108) it certainly is not the most affordable face palette around..However, for three separate face products which are pretty much full-sized, the amount of each product you receive inside each pan (7g), and for the astounding quality that the palette is, I would not say that it's particularly overpriced ..It is just the price that you pay for luxury!  

The Soleil Contouring Compact in The Afternooner is Tom Ford's first ever face palette to be released in their beauty range, and inside it features a stunning trio of sensual summer shades of highlight, blush and bronzer. The three shades are all sheer-to-medium coverage, and each one has a cream-like powder formula..So, they apply like a powder and they have the finish of a powder, yet they glide onto the skin so smoothly and effortlessly, just like a cream. Inside this palette there is everything that you need to add warmth and colour to the face, increase natural dimension of the features, and enhance the radiance of the skin, to give you that healthy, sun-kissed summer look, which everyone craves! The three shades that Tom Ford chose to include within The Afternooner are all limited edition and exclusive to this compact, and each of them are perfect for the Spring and Summer time!

 The Highlighter || The shade of the highlighter in this compact is one that is very unique, and it like nothing that I own already..Which, is actually quite surprising considering I own A LOT of highlighters! It is a warm toned highlighter, and it looks to be like a mixture of both a light golden peach colour and a pale pink colour as well..Overall it appears very nude and neutral, and I absolutely love it! This highlight does have a noticeable shimmer running through it, however it is not glittery, chunky or unflattering, and it does not accentuate pores or fine lines at all. It offers a semi-sheer coverage that can be built up to mostly opaque, and it has a beautiful shimmer-sheen finish to it. Depending on the amount of product you use will determine the intensity of the highlighter..For a more subtle daytime look just apply a minimal amount of product, or if you want an intense, strobed affect then just keep building up the product until it looks how you want it to. I personally like to take just a small amount of the highlighter onto my Zoeva fan brush, and I gently disperse the product onto the tops of my cheekbones and down the centre of my face, (forehead, chin and nose) and it gives the illusion that the sun is naturally radiating off my skin..I just want to bathe in this highlighter everyday!

 The Blusher || Usually, I am not a big lover of blushes that come included in face palettes, however this one is honestly beautiful. It is a lovely vibrant, yet slightly muted,  pink-coral shade with warm undertones, and it is the perfect shade for the summer time to give the cheeks a stunning wash of colour. The powder blush offers a semi-sheer to semi-opaque coverage, however with it's pigmentation, I am sure it could be layered up further to achieve a mostly opaque coverage. I find this blush to be quite strongly pigmented and to achieve the best results from it, I definitely recommend using a light hand and minimal product..You can always start off light and build it up, but if you go in to heavy with it to begin with, it is a lot harder to take product away and tone it down (My top tip for applying blush!). The blush has a mostly matte finish, so it will not add any extra luminosity to the cheeks, it is just the perfect finishing touch to bring some colour and brightness back to the face. 

 The Bronzer || Keeping in theme with the other two powders in the compact, the Bronzer is also a warm toned shade..It is a subdued, medium-dark brown, and it has reddish undertones to it. Normally I stay clear of red toned bronzers as they can often appear more orangey on my pale skin tone, however this one actually works really nicely at subtly warming up my skin, and it also brings back some depth after I apply my foundation and powder. The bronzer again has a natural semi-sheer to semi-opaque coverage..I would not try building this one up to see if it would offer fully opaque coverage, just for the fear of it appearing muddy and orange on the face. Upon hearing the name of this palette and having a sneak peak at what is inside, I initially thought that this shade was a contour powder, (given the name, 'contouring compact') but it is in fact classed as a bronzer. While there is enough rosiness in the colour for it to be a contour shade for some skin tones, it is definitely too warm toned for me to use as a contour powder..But, at least I can use it as a bronzer in the warmer months to help achieve a more sun-kissed bronzed look.

The three shades can each be worn alone or they can be layered up and mixed together to create a sultry contoured, seductive bronze glow that looks extremely natural on the skin.

More often than not, I find that limited edition products which are released for different seasons or holidays tend to lack in quality..However, I am incredibly impressed with the Soleil Contouring Compact so far, and there is no doubt that it has the same astounding quality as what my other Tom Ford Beauty products possess from their permanent collection..Not that I should expect anything less from such an opulent, leading brand like Tom Ford! All three of the powders have such a buttery smooth texture, that they sweep onto the skin so softly, and blend in so easily, offering an all-over even finish, whilst adding natural-looking dimension and gorgeous colour to the face. The shades are all very well pigmented and offer great buildable coverage, which can be as sheer as you wish for a natural daytime look, or as opaque as you like for a glammed-up evening look..They are extremely versatile powders that are really easy to work with. Even though the powders have both great pigmentation and coverage, they still feel lightweight on the skin, which is what makes them perfect for the summer months and the warmer climate. The powders also do not emphasise any imperfections like pores or fine lines, and they do not end up looking too powdery or cakey on the skin, which is a massive plus! In terms of longevity, all three of these powders have good lasting powder and they each hold up well on the skin for roughly eight hours, barely wearing off much at all throughout the day. 

Everything about the new limited edition Tom Ford Beauty collection for Spring/Summer 2016 feels so special..From the luxurious (and not to mention super aesthetically pleasing!) packaging to the products themselves, it really is a stunning range that leaves me in awe every time I look at it. Each product is more innovative than the last, and Tom Ford really have uncovered every essential make-up item that every girl needs in her summer make-up bag in order to achieve, sun-kissed bronzed skin that looks as if you're glowing from within. 
What do you think of the Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Color Collection? Have you tried anything? 

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