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Over the years, we have witnessed many different make-up trends and techniques come and go, however, there is one technique in particular that every make-up enthusiast has gone completely crazy for, and it certainly isn't going anywhere anytime soon..Contouring!
There is no denying that contouring is the hottest makeup trend of the moment, and it is seen absolutely everywhere..Everyone is talking about it, everyone is testing it out and everyone is trying to master the skill of achieving perfectly sculpted features through the art of contouring. I have no doubt that a few year back, the thought of applying darker shades of products around the face to give the illusion of a more chiseled look would have been sniggered at by most people, however here we are now in 2016, and contouring plays just as bigger part in our daily make-up routines as what a slick winged liner does..Let's just take a minute to thank the drag queens for introducing us to this remarkable, albeit slightly peculiar technique, as we all now seem to be infatuated with how it can completely transform the face, by accentuating features and making them look much more defined. 
With this technique taking the beauty world by storm, it is no surprise that that majority of make-up brands have wanted to get involved in the action by releasing their own ranges of products specifically designed for contouring and sculpting. From high-street brands to luxury brands, you can find contouring creams and powders pretty much anywhere now, and with so many products being available and many more being released continuously, it can be hard to figure out which ones are good, which ones aren't so good and which ones are actually worth spending your money on. While I may not be someone who includes conturing as a step in my make-up routine every day, it is still a technique that I do enjoy experimenting with and over my course of time of contouring, I have discovered many different products that I personally always use and will always continue to go back to..There are five in particular which I love and I would recommend them to everybody. 

 Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Light-Filtering Contour Powder || This duo powder compact from the Marc Jacobs beauty range is one of the most luxurious contour pieces that I have in my collection, and the quality of it is undoubtably second to none. As far as powder formulated contour products go, this one definitely has the softest texture that I have ever come across..It is honestly like nothing I have ever tried before. With that being said, it is no surprise that this contour shade is one of the most blendable powders that I have used, which in turn makes it the easiest one to work with..It is pretty much guaranteed that you will not be left with any unflattering and unnatural contour lines on the face, and if you are just starting out with contouring, I recommend this product to you so much as it is totally fool-proof! In terms of pigmentation, this one is probably the least pigmented out of the bunch..It literally blends away to nothing, and almost has a sheer coverage to it, but that makes it the perfect choice for an everyday, subtle contour. This duo compact is available in three different shades, ranging from light to deep, so there is a small variety of choices to go for depending on your skin tone..I got this in the lightest shade '40 Mirage Filter', and it is perfect for fair-to-light complexions. The contour shade in this one is quite a muted medium brown and it has very subtle warm undertones. It offers a natural look to the skin that does not look at all powdery, and it just makes you look completely filtered and flawless..Instagram ready! 

 Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow || This sculpting palette was the first ever product that I tried from the much loved Charlotte Tilbury range, and it definitely did not disappoint..From the second I used this powder duo, I become obsessed with the entire make-up range that Charlotte Tilbury offers, and still to this day, it remains one of my all time favourite brands. Inside the Filmstar Bronze & Glow compact there are two powders included, and they are both just as beautiful as each other. The highlight is a gorgeous golden shade that gives a beautiful 'glowing-from-within' candle lit look to the skin..However, as much as I really do love the highlight, it is actually the sculpting powder that I want to bring to your attention because it is absolutely incredible. The powder itself is so finely milled, and it has such a silky smooth texture that it just disappears into the skin, leaving you with a gorgeous, natural contour and perfectly chiseled facial features. While the sculpting powder is rich in colour, I would not say that it is over pigmented at all, which I actually really love..It is easier to build up a less pigmented product than it is to take away from an overly pigmented one! Something that sets this powder apart from any other contouring powder I own is the fact that unlike any other, this one contains traces of extremely fine golden shimmer, which is why I love it more for the summer months. Another factor that makes this one a favourite for the summer time is it's tone..While it does have a great mixture of warm and cool undertones, it definitely sits more towards the warm spectrum, so as well as having a nice sheen finish, it also warms up the skin and gives a lovely sun-kissed look. This powder will no doubt be my go-to for the up coming months.

 Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder || Possibly the most coveted sculpting powder ever released, Benefit's Hoola Bronzer is undoubtably a firm beauty favourite across the globe. Even though Hoola is technically a bronzing product, I always use it for contour instead..As it has cool undertones and is more on the grey side, it works perfectly for giving the illusion of shadows on the face, which means the result is a very natural looking contour. As far as powder contour products go, I am going to be bold and say that this one is probably my all time favourite. I resisted temptation of buying this one for so long, but I gave in a few months back and I am so glad that I did..It may be the latest edition to my contour collection, but it has quickly become my staple product which I use every time I contour. It has the perfect amount of pigmentation, it is the perfect shade for my complexion, it is easy to blend and it looks really natural whilst still accentuating my features..what more could I possible ask for?! If you have a similar skin tone to me, and you are after a really great contour powder, I cannot recommend Benefit's Hoola enough!

 Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour || For those days where I want to achieve a bit more of a subtle make-up look, the Clinique Chubby Stick is always the contour product that I reach for. As it is a cream as opposed to a powder it looks much more natural and a lot softer on the skin, so while it still makes my features look more prominent and defined, it does not look too strongly noticeable. One of the main reasons that I love this specific contour cream for my 'no make-up, make-up days' is actually because of the shade that it comes in. I am extremely pale and sometimes it can be difficult for me to find a contour shade that actually works for me and is not too harsh, however because this one is quite light and is not too intense in pigment, it is perfect for fair skin tones. The Chubby Stick in shade '01 Curvy Contour' has a lovely balance of warm and cool undertones to it, so it is neither too orange nor too grey neither and I find that it just really compliments my complexion. To achieve the most natural as possible look with this I simply apply a small amount of it straight from the bullet onto my face in all of the usual contour places, and then using my damp beauty blender I take my time to blend it out using bouncing motions..By doing this technique, it blends the created contour line away to practically nothing, and then I just continue to add product and blend it out, to build it up to exactly how I want it to look. While doing this does take a little bit longer, I feel that I have much more control, and it means that I can choose exactly how I want my finished contouring result to look and I will not end up with an overly obvious contour line on my face. I feel like this product is the perfect option for those who are new to contouring..As it is really creamy, easy to blend and very natural looking, it is made for beginners. As I am by no means a contouring pro, this is definitely my most used product!

 L.A. Girl PRO.Conceal HD Concealer || Another cream contour product which I absolutely love has come from many Youtube recommendations, and it is the Pro.Conceal HD Concealer from L.A. Girl Cosmetics, in the shade 'Beautiful Bronze'. While this is actually a concealer rather than a contouring product, it still works so well for sculpting and defining the face! Similarly to the Clinique Chubby Stick, this one is also a smooth, creamy consistency, however I find that the Pro.Conceal is much more pigmented, which is what makes it perfect for those days when I want a really sharp, intense contour. The colour of this one does remind me a lot of the one from Clinique, but I find that this L.A. Girl one does lean more on the warmer side, as it seems to contain more orangey undertones, albeit it does not look orange once it has been blended on the skin. The only thing to be cautious of when using this concealer to contour is that it is SO easy to go overboard with the product and you can quickly end up applying far too much if you are too heavy handed with it. To keep it more on the natural side, just add minimal amounts of product at a time, and keep building it up until you have achieved the desired contoured look you are after. While I would not use this concealer to contour with everyday, it is my go-to product for when I want to go all out with my make-up and do a complete full face for occasions, nights out or events as it is a great colour, it is quite intense and it just has a really lovely finish.

I know that contouring is a hard make-up skill to master for most of us (I still have a lot to learn myself), but wether you are an amateur just starting out with contouring, or you are a complete contour pro, each of these products work like an absolute dream and they really do make the somewhat difficult process so much easier to learn and overcome. Once you conquer the trick of contouring and start noticing its benefits, it is amazing to see what it can actually do to your features and the framework of your face, just by simply taking what you were born with and maximising your assets.
What do you think of the contouring trend? What are your favourite contouring products? 

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