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Is there really such a thing as too much highlight?..I think not, and if you disagree, I am sorry but we can no longer be friends, as I do not like that sort of negative energy!
..Of course I am joking, we are all friends here! To some people, highlighting may seem like an 'extra' step in your daily make-up routine, but if you are anything like me, then you will agree that it is also one of the most important steps..Especially in the summer time, to achieve that radiant, sun-kissed glow! As someone who loves the look of dewy and luminous skin, I am always on the hunt to find the perfect highlighter, and over the years, I seem to have accumulated quite the collection. I have tried and tested a variety of different formulas, textures and shades from a selection of different brands, and over time I have discovered a small handful of incredible highlighting products which have become staples in my collection, that I reach for on a regular basis when I do my make-up..

 Becca Cosmetics X Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector || Released last year as part of one of the most exciting collaborations yet, (for me anyway!) we have Champagne Pop, which was created by Becca Cosmetics and the beautiful Youtube sensation, Jaclyn Hill. With Jaclyn Hill being one of my favourite Youtubers of all time, of course I had to support her with her first ever product launch, so I purchased this highlighter the second that it got released on the Sephora website, and ever since it landed on my doorstep and I tried it on for the first time, I have been crazy, madly, deeply in love with it (too over the top?!)..I have no doubt in admitting that this is in fact my all time favourite highlighter, as everything from the texture to the shade is just extraordinary! When Jaclyn Hill was creating the shade for of Champagne Pop she wanted it to be something that would suit every skin tone, so she produced this stunning soft white gold shade that has pinky peach undertones which compliments any tone, from the fairest to the deepest. Having super fair skin it can sometimes be quite hard to find highlighters that do not look too harsh or too intense, but I have finally had my prayers answered with the beauty! Champagne Pop has the same incredible formula as every other pressed shimmering skin perfector from Becca, meaning the powder is really finely milled so it is super soft and creamy to apply. The smooth texture of the powder makes it glide onto the skin with ease and blend out like a dream. As the powder is actually water based as well, it just fuses with the skin, blurring out any imperfections whilst also offering a gorgeous, natural looking luminosity. Champagne Pop is also infused with light-reflecting pearls that beautifully catch the light, allowing your favourite features to POP whilst you are wearing it, and it just achieves that perfect, summer time 'glowing from within' radiance, making the skin look healthy and sun-kissed. I am so thankful that Becca decided to change their minds and add Champagne Pop to their permanent range, rather than keeping it Limited Edition, because I honestly could not wish for anything more from a highlighter, and I cannot wait to be 90 years old and still dripping in Champagne Pop! You can find my full review on Champagne Pop here, where I go in to much more detail about how incredible this product is and why I love it so much! Also, for those of you who do not have it marked in your calendar yet, remember that Becca and Jaclyn are releasing a brand new highlighter together this month (queue the scream!), and Champagne Pop's little Sister, Prosecco Pop will be available online at Sephora on May 26th..Are you as excited as me?!  

 Burberry Beauty Runway Palette S/S 2016 || As someone who loves luxury make-up brands and also has a strong affection towards highlighters, of course I had to pick up the 2016 Spring/Summer Runway Palette from Burberry when it launched earlier this year. As this highlighter was a limited edition compact I felt a little reluctant to share it on here today, but as it is one of my absolute favourites, I just could not leave it out. I will admit that I initially treated myself to this compact purely because of how aesthetically pleasing it is..From the beautiful outer packaging to the intricate lace pattern embossed on the powder, it is just perfection...Then, once I tried it out for the first time I fell even more in love with it, as I realised it was so much more than just lustworthy packaging, and it actually looks prettier on the skin than it does in the compact (If that is even possible!). Burberry released their latest seasonal runway palette in two different shades, and after much deliberation I decided to go for something a little different and I purchased the white one, rather than the gold shade which I would usually be drawn to. Being the first white highlighting powder that I have tried, I was a little sceptical about this one at first, but as I have a very fair skin tone, I find that it actually compliments my complexion really well. It is a cool-toned, crisp white powder and it offers a lovely frosted sheen finish, that gives the skin a gorgeous luminous glow. The powder itself it soft in texture, which makes it super blendable and really easy to apply as well. The formula of the powder is also buildable, meaning it can be layered up to be as subtle or as intense as you wish. You can find out more about the Burberry Runway Palette on my full blog post here.

 theBalm Cosmetics Lou-Manizer Highlight Powder ||  One third of The Manizer Sisters (and possibly the best third!), theBalms Mary-Lou Manizer is without a doubt one of the most coveted highlighting powders at the moment..It is loved by all who uses it, and for good reason too! After countless amounts of recommendation, and resisting temptation for so long, I finally caved in and I purchased Mary-Lou for myself, and I am so glad that I actually did..While it may be the most recent addition to my highlighter collection, it has quickly become a top favourite of mine which I use every single day. Mary-Lou is a gorgeous warm toned, golden champagne highlighter that has a lovely soft, pearly sheen to it, and it looks absolutely stunning on light-to-medium skin tones. There is certainly no denying that this one packs a punch where pigmentation is concerned as it is a very intense highlighter, and I would always be very cautious and sparing with this powder as it is not the most subtle..It is definitely one to use on those days when you are wanting to achieve an extreme, luminous glow on the skin. To try and get it looking as 'natural' as possible to make it suitable for everyday wear, I take minimal product on a fan brush (I tap off as much excess product as I can!) and I use a very light hand to apply it..Just remember, less is definitely more with Mary-Lou! As well as being a beautiful shade and being crazy pigmented, this powder is also so finely milled that it blends easily onto the skin, it diffuses light so it makes the skin appear softer, it blurs out any imperfects (blemishes or fine lines) rather than accentuating them, and it just looks absolutely incredible on all of the high-points of the face. Not only is this one a remarkable product, but it is also very affordable as well..It is just an all round winner that I would recommend to everybody! Check out my full review on the theBalm's cult classic Mary-Lou Manizer here.

 M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish || An old but a goody, M.A.C's Mineralise Skinfinish in the shade Soft & Gentle is the one highlighter which I will continue to go back to every time as I know it will never let me down. It is a beautiful gilded peach bronze shade, with warm undertones and a sparkling metallic, sheen finish. While I think this shade would be wearable for most skin tones, I think it compliments fair-to-medium skin tones best as it is fairly light in colour. I have very fair skin and I love this highlighter for the summer time in particular..As it is a bronze shaded highlight as opposed to being a white based highlight, it adds more of a warm, sun-kissed glow which makes my skin look really healthy and it is just perfect for the warmer months! Even though Soft & Gentle has great pigmentation, I find it to be fairly subtle and understated when it is applied, however because it is buildable, it is possible to layer it up to make it as intense as you desire..I personally really like this as it means you can be a little bit less cautious when you first apply is and you know it won't be too intense initially (unlike Mary-Lou!). In comparison to some of my other highlighters, this one seems to have a lot more shimmer and glitter particles in it, however it is not at all heavy or chunky looking like most glittery powders are, instead it looks like you have bathed in a beautiful shimmering body oil and are naturally glowing..A little bit like Edward Cullen when the sun radiates off of his skin (My fellow Twilight fans will understand!). Being a slow-baked highlighting powder, this Mineralise Skinfinish has a velvety soft texture which is super creamy to apply..It glides on to the skin effortlessly and blends in beautifully as well. I honestly just love everything about this powder, from the shade to how it looks and feels on the skin..If you haven't tried it yet and you love a natural, radiant finish, then I cannot recommend this one enough!   

 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick || Another highlighting powder which I love for the summer time specifically comes from Bobbi Brown, and it is one of their Shimmer Bricks, in the shade Pink Quartz. This is the first and only shimmer brick I have tried from Bobbi Brown after hearing nothing but good things about them, and I can honestly see why they are so highly regarded by so many beauty and make-up enthusiasts..They really are incredible and I definitely need to add more to my collection. I believe that all of the Shimmer Bricks have five different shades included, and this one in particular has a mix of pinks, golds, champagnes and bronze..Each of the shades can be used individually for one 'flat' colour highlight, you can use the top half for a more muted pink hue, you can use the bottom half for a lighter warmer hue, or you can mix them all together to create a gorgeously pigmented, multi-dimensional glow. I really love the versatility that this concept brings to the Shimmer Brick compacts, as it means you can completely customise the colour to how you want it to be and to how is most suited for your skin tone. I personally prefer to take my brush and swirl it around the entire compact so it picks up a small amount of each shade, because I just love the colour that it achieves when each shade blends in with one another..It is a lovely warm toned, taupe brown with pink and bronze shimmer and a metallic sheen. While I do wear Soft & Gentle from MAC predominantly in the summer time, I really like this one for the near the end of summer, when I have a slight bit of a tan as this is a lot deeper in colour, and I find it a little bit too dark for my natural fair complexion. However, after a few months of sunbathing (and maybe a spray tan or two because I am Caspar the Ghost!) this highlighter shade is perfect for adding an extra bit of a bronzed radiance to the skin. Similarly to Soft & Gentle, this one is also packed with a fine shimmer, but with Pink Quartz, while it may not look chunky on the skin initially, it can end up emphasising pores and fine lines if too much is applied, so I definitely recommend using a light hand and building it up to minimise the chance of overdoing it. While this Shimmer Brick may not be my most used highlighter all year round, it is definitely my favourite for texture and how it looks on the skin..I now just need to invest in one of the lighter versions that I can wear daily!

Highlighting all of the desired areas on the face really can make the world of difference to the overall look of your make-up, as it gives you the ability to be able to enhance all of your favourite features. It is one particular step in my daily make-up routine which I never miss out because I love the way it takes my skin from looking flat and dull, and it completely transforms it into looking dewy and radiant..Just like magic!
What are your all time favourite highlighting products? Have you tried any of these ones?  

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