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If there is one brand that I always get super excited about hearing news of new product releases from it is Urban Decay, and as soon as I heard that their latest Limited Edition collection for 2016 was going to be in collaboration with Disney, to celebrate the release of the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie, my excitement shot through the roof.
It has been five years since Urban Decay created their Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows for the first film, one of the most iconic palettes that they have ever produced, and after the incredible success from that one, Urban Decay have jumped down the rabbit hole once again, to bring to us this absolutely mind-blowing sequel palette. The Alice Through The Looking Glass palette has been inspired completely by the new, fantasy-adventure film, and it is a trippy-tribute to some of the most loved characters from the book and the film.   

"I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality if just different from yours"
- Lewis Carroll

With every new product launch from Urban Decay, there is an insane hype that surrounds it, and I, for one, have anticipated the debut of this particular palette ever since I saw the promotional shots of the psychedelic, intricate artwork that adorns the box. It is like nothing I have ever come across before, and with its originality and its picturesque elements, I just knew that I had to have it to add to my Urban Decay palette collection.
Urban Decay palettes are always something which I look forward to..Weather they are apart of the permanent make-up range or they are limited edition stock, I just love collecting all of the different ones which they release. Where eyeshadows are concerned, Urban Decay are definitely up there with being some of the best, in my humble opinion, and they really are staple pieces that every girl needs in her make-up collection. With their impeccable range of colours which are all strongly pigmented, blend like a dream and wear well on the lid, nothing compares. As well as my love for Urban Decay, I also have a huge affection for Disney (I mean, who doesn't?!), and Alice in Wonderland as well. Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite movies growing up, and it brings back a lot of childhood memories, so this palette was a no brainer for me..It is everything I could wish for combined into one!

Anytime a brand releases a limited edition collection, it always seems to be the packaging that gets recognised first, as the designers tend to produce something that is very unique and imaginative to really make each of the products stand out and feel all the more special. Usually the theme of the packaging will correspond to the product itself and also the inspiration behind the collection, and it is safe to say that Urban Decay have gone above and beyond and really outdone themselves with the design of this beauty! There is no denying that everything about the packaging is extremely extravagant and over the top, with features like the colourful kaleidoscope artwork woven out of flowers, the three-dimensional pop-up butterflies, and also several favourite quotes from the film, all making an appearance every time you lift up a lid or open a door..While some people may deem all of these added extras to be unnecessary, I think it is SO innovative and creative, and it really shows how much time and effort has gone in to creating this visually stunning palette. Hits of embossing and gloss texture on the packaging also give the palette a much more luxe, dimensional feel..It just feels so incredibly special in comparison to any other palettes that I own, or have seen, and it is the perfect collectors piece to have displayed in my beauty room..It is definitely going to be a conversation starter, that for sure! 

Once you get over the initial amazement of the extraordinary packaging and all of the incredible details featured on the palette, it is time to pull open the drawer to the main part of the palette, to reveal the amazing array of eyeshadows and unleash an exhilarating spectrum of bold brights and soft shades..Be prepared to be amazed once again.
..The excitement honestly never stops with this palette, and each time you discover a new feature, it seems to be more spectacular than the last!

This beautiful pop-up palette features twenty different eyeshadows shades which are made up of the perfect mix of neutrals, bolds and brights, in a variety of different finishes including mattes, metallics, shimmers and pearlescents. All of the shades included are new and exclusive to this palette, and both the colours and the names have each been inspired by characters from the film. The shades have even been arranged into separate columns, categorised by character, so that you can match up the columns to steal your favourite characters signature look, or you can mix up the shades to create countless amounts of other looks too..The possibilities are endless with a shade range like this one! From softer shades inspired by Alice's look in the film, to bold and bright shades like those seen on The Mad Hatter, this palette has it all, and each of the shades really do capture the characters personalities perfectly!

Alice, as you would imagine, includes a mixture of some very soft, pretty shades which are extremely neutral and easy to wear..And of course, what Alice themed column would be complete without that signature periwinkle blue shade of her dress making an appearance?

 Looking Glass || Pale pink demi-matte.

 Reflection || Soft peach matte.

 Dormouse || Warm brown matte with gold micro-sparkle.

 Metamorphosis || Vibrant periwinkle blue with micro-sparkle. 

The Mad Hatter column has the shades that I am surprisingly drawn to the most out of the entire palette. While most of the shades included in this section are completely out of my comfort zone (I am very much a neutral eye make-up kind of gal!), I love how vibrant, bright and bold each of them is..The vibrant orange in particular is definitely a show stopper for me, and it is one of my favourite shades from the palette! 

 Hatter || Vibrant green with tonal micro-sparkle.

 Gone Mad || Aubergine with pink iridescent pearl.  

 Paradox || Vibrant orange with gold pearl.

 Cake || Saturated blue-pink with silver micro-shimmer. 

The softest and most wearable shades in the palette can be found in Mirana, The White Queen's column. Albeit these four shades are not the most striking in the palette, they are totally up my street as they are all natural colours which are very easy to wear everyday. 

 Lily || Opal pink pearl.

 Duchess || Peach with pink shift and micro-sparkle.

 Kingdom || Copper-bronze pearl.

 Chessboard || Medium brown matte. 

Another vibrant and conspicuous column which again I am completely enticed by, is this time inspired by Iracebeth, The Red Queen. Even though all of these shades are fairy vivid, they are still very wearable at the same time, and they are also absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL! The turquoise shade and the copper shade in particular are definitely up there with some of my favourite shades of all time, as they are so unique and just breathtakingly stunning!       
 Heads Will Roll || Vibrant turquoise with gold micro-sparkle.

 Bandersnatch || Deep teal matte.

 Salazen Grum || Metallic Crimson. 

 Royal Flush || Pale beige shimmer.

Moving onto the final column, which has been created with Time in mind, a peculiar creature who is half man, half clock. These four shadows include a mixture of shades which are noticeably darker and more metallic in comparison to the rest of the shades in the palette.  

 Time || Black-navy satin with soft iridescent micro-sparkle.

 Dream On || Metallic purple-silver.

 Chromosphere || Metallic deep bronze.

  Mirror || Grey-taupe satin. 

Before seeing the shade range in the palette, I was unsure of what to expect, but knowing it was a collaboration between Urban Decay and Disney, I knew it would be something magnificent, and for Alice Through The Looking Glass specifically, I anticipated something magical, enchanting, eccentric and adventurous..I certainly was not left disappointed. Upon seeing the choice of eyeshadow shades, I could not imagine a more perfect selection of colours, and all of them portray the Alice through the looking glass film perfectly..It is like witnessing something from a  spectacular fantasy-adventure land! 

At the moment, there seems to be quite a lot of controversy over this palette and the quality of the eyeshadows, and many people have different opinions on it..However, for me, all I can say is that overall, I am impressed. Urban Decay never let me down when it comes to their make-up products, in particular their eyeshadows, and even though some shades may be less pigmented than others, and some may be a little harder to work with (the metallics!), there is no denying that for the most part, the quality of this palette is amazing..Not that I would expect anything less from Urban Decay! Containing Urban Decay's pigment infusion system, their proprietary blend of ingredients, the shadows are extremely velvety in texture which makes them smooth to apply onto the lid and easy to blend as well, they are pigment packed and rich in colour, and they have serious staying power as well.
What more could you possibly ask for?..This palette has got the beauty, the shades and the quality..Triple threat! 

Even though most of the shades in this palette are very much out of my comfort zone, I have a feeling that I am going to thoroughly enjoy using them, to push myself to create lots of different looks, which will include some stunning pops of colour..With this shade range there are SO many colour combinations to choose from and I am actually super excited to experiment with some unique shades which I would never usually wear!
What are your thoughts on Disney's latest collaboration with Urban Decay? Have you seen the new Alice Through The Looking Glass movie yet? 

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