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Whenever I see a parcel arrive at my doorstop from Victoria's Secret, I have no doubt that I will discover something beautiful inside. Wether it is some delicate lingerie, some exquisite sleepwear, an alluring fragrance or even some sensuous body care products, I know I will find something that I absolutely love..there is certainly no denying that!
Victoria's Secret is definitely every girls weakness, and while they may be known most for their stunning collections of underwear, they do in fact have SO much more to offer. With everything available from beauty, to lingerie, to sportswear, to loungewear and even swimwear, it is no surprise that they are one of the most coveted luxurious brands around. Most recently I was introduced to the fragrance products that can be found in Victoria's Secret beauty section and something that immediately caught my eye was their range of Fragrance Mists. Essentially, these are body mists, and they are quite similar to a spray them on your skin like a perfume, they smell like a perfume, but they are a lot more fine, and a lot sheerer in scent than a perfume..they are the lightest way to wear a fragrance, and that is what makes them the perfect choice for this time of the year. Personally, I love having these fragrance mists to keep on me in my handbag throughout the day, as they are a great way to freshen-up anytime you feel it necessary.
The fragrance mists from Victoria's Secret are undoubtably some of the best that I have ever tried..they are long-lasting, the packaging is lovely and sleek which means they are not too bulky to carry around with you, and they also come in a never-ending variety of fragrance blends, so there is something for everybody and their scent preference. 
Whilst I was in London, I admittedly spent the best part of my shopping day, going around the Victoria's Secret fragrance department, trying to find some scents which I loved for this time of year..I wanted something that was light, sweet, floral and that just screamed summer! Whilst I could of easily treated myself to the entire collection because they all smell so unbelievably incredible, I managed to pick just two which were my absolute favourites..Love Addict and Sheer Love

Love Addict || Categorised within the Fruity fragrance type, Love Addict has a unique blend of Wild Orchid and Blood Orange notes in it, and I honestly cannot get enough of the scent..this is exactly what it smells like when you walk into a Victoria's Secret store, and it is absolutely divine. While this fragrance does lean more towards the fruity side of scents, there is also a recognisable hint of floral undertones to it as well, which is what makes this particular mist so distinctive..I wouldn't class it as purely fruity nor purely floral either, it is more of a fruity floral combination. It is very different, but it just works perfectly, as the mixture of notes compliment each other so well! Love Addict is definitely the stronger scent of the two I picked up, but even though it is more powerful, it is still ladylike and non-offensive. It is quite a sweet scented fragrance which I personally really like and I think this one would get a lot of compliments when worn.

Sheer Love || Described as an irresistible, fresh fragrance, Sheer Love is definitely one of my spring time favourites. Featuring notes of white cotton and pink lily, it has a noticeable floral scent to it, but by no means is it overpowering at is really soft and it is the lightest fragrance of the two. Sheer Love is such a cheerful, feminine fragrance and it honestly just smells like summer in a bottle. Even if you are not particularly into your floral scents, I think you may still enjoy this one, as the mixture of white cotton makes it a very fresh and clean scent too. Whilst Sheer Love is a very neutral fragrance and some may say it is too understated and not bold enough for summer time, I absolutely adore it, as it really is the perfect blend of sweetness and freshness! This particular fragrance mist is also infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile, which makes it even more perfect for the summer time..As soon as you spray it on, you feel instantly refreshed, and the skin feels soothed. 

These are the first couple of fragrance mists that I have tried from Victoria's Secret beauty range, and they definitely did not disappoint..In fact I cannot wait to go back to my local store to pick up a variety of some more scents that they have. As I mentioned earlier, the list of scents available is never ending and it is certainly a hard task to narrow down some favourites. However, if you somehow find yourself struggling, a useful tip to remember is that the fragrance mists do not just need to be worn alone, you can mix and match them and layer them up together to create your very own personal, customised scent. I really love the idea of doing this as it means you can fabricate something that is individual that really suits you and your personality. I feel like these fragrance mists are the great for everyday wear, as they make you feel much more refreshed, and at a fraction of the price of your normal perfume, they are a much more affordable fragrance option. These are without a doubt some of my summer favourites this year, and I will be using them a ton when the warmer weather kicks in as I just love how refreshingly cool they feel on the skin.
Have you tried any of the Victoria's Secret fragrance mists? Which is your favourite scent?

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