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Liquid Lipsticks are one make-up product in particular that need no introduction here on my page, as I seem to bring them up quite regularly, just to remind you how much I love them!
It was only early last year that this new and innovative lip product, known as liquid lipsticks, started to get introduced to us, and little did we know that soon enough they would be popping up absolutely everywhere! There is no denying that the long-wearing, highly pigmented, ultra-matte formulations of these Liquid Lipsticks took the beauty world by storm..Every make-up enthusiast was quickly going crazy for them, and the majority of beauty brands began releasing their very own ranges of them as well. Being one of those make-up enthusiasts myself, it will come as no surprise to you that I have tried a lot of Liquid Lipsticks from a variety of different brands. Albeit, out of every brand I have tried, there is one that stands out to me by a mile..Queen Bee, Anastasia Beverly Hills. 
I tried a handful of Liquid Lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills for the first time last June, and ever since then, they have been my all-time favourites. I love everything from their formulation, to their insane spectrum of shades, and for me, there is nothing else that quite compares. With that being said, when I heard that Anastasia Beverly Hills were going to be releasing some incredible new shades to add into their collection, of course I had to treat myself to some. Especially for Spring and Summer, we saw the debut of 10 new and beautiful colours, including the perfect balance of both neutrals and brights.     
 STRIPPED || One of the most perfect true nude shades that I have in my entire lipstick collection is the new ABH shade, Stripped..This one could definitely take Pure Hollywood (another favourite also from Anastasia Beverly Hills) for a run for its money! It is a gorgeous, neutral toned beige-nude that compliments my fair complexion really nicely, and I think it would suit a wide variety of other skin tones as well. Being a more warm toned nude with subtle brown undertones, it is absolutely perfect for the warmer months and I just adore this shade so much. I have been wearing Stripped none stop since I received it, and out of all of the nudes, this has 100 percent stole the top spot for me.

 CRUSH || The shade that I was possibly most excited about when I saw sneak previews of what was to expect from the new selection of colours is, Crush..Again, another nude shade (because, what's new?!). This one is more of a soft beige toned nude, and in comparison to Stripped, it is much more pink toned, rather than brown..It actually reminds me a lot of the shade Lovely, from the original ABH Liquid Lipstick range. This is another one which is up top with some of my favourite nudes, as it is just so wearable and it can be paired with a multitude of different make-up looks.  

  DOLCE || As someone who loves nude shades more than anything, and is usually quite opposed to wearing any colour on the lips, I love it when I find shades which are bright, yet understated, and that is exactly what Dolce is. This shade is a muted coral colour, which is basically a very toned-down orange, so it is not at all florescent, and it is extremely wearable for the day time to add a flush of colour to the lips. If you have been following me for a while now, you will know that Coral toned lipstick is something that I used to absolutely love in the summertime, and I would wear it every single day without fail. Lip colours like this one, with orange tones, really bring out the blue in my eyes, and they also brighten up my complexion while not looking too over the top or intimidating. I am so happy that I did decide to purchased this shade as it has re-affirmed my love for coral lips, and maybe I will switch up my signature nude lip from time-to-time!  
 DUSTY ROSE || One that is not actually a part of the new SS16 shades released from Anastasia, but I thought I would include it still as I purchased it at the same time, is Dusty Rose, from the original collection. I have honestly wanted this shade for as long as I can remember, but every time it gets re-stocked online, it seems to sell out again pretty much immediately, and I always miss it..But this time, I guess I got lucky! This one is described as a mauve-toned nude, and it appears to be a darker version of the shade Crush. I quickly fell in love with this colour when I received it and I am over the moon that I finally have it in my collection..It is so easy to wear, it will go with so many different looks, and it is also a suitable colour for every season..It is an all-round winner!      

 ASHTON || A colour that is very different for me, and like nothing that I own already is the shade, Ashton. At first, I found this one to be a little intimidating because while it is still technically a nude shade, it is a lot darker than what I would normally go for..But, regardless of that, I actually really like this one now. It is a midtown yellow brown shade and it is the kind of colour that will appear completely different on everybody depending on their skin tone. For my fair skin tone it pulls very dark brown, for others with a deeper or more olive skin tone, I feel like it will be one of those 'my lips but better' colours and look fairly natural. Out of all 10 shades which were created, Ashton definitely seems to be the most coveted of the lot, and I totally see why..It is as equally beautiful as it is unique!

Anastasia continues to amaze me with their trendsetting colour selection and I am completely obsessed with all of these new ones. As much as I would of loved to have bought all 10 of the new shades, I resisted temptation and I stopped myself at 5 ..Unsurprisingly, the 5 nude shades.
From what I can tell with these new liquid lipsticks, they are the same incredible formula which we all know and love from the original ones. In terms of pigmentation, these are totally pigment packed..Not that I would expect anything less from Anastasia Beverly Hills. One swipe over the lips with the doe-foot applicator is all that is needed to get a fully opaque colour coverage. They are creamy to apply onto the lips, and they quickly dry down to a complete matte finish, which will last all day long, with minimal need to re-apply throughout the day. With the typical nature of a liquid lipstick, and how matte and long wearing they are, of course these are slightly drying on the lips..Regardless of the brand, liquid lipsticks will always feel drying. However, Anastasia Beverly Hills ones are not as drying on the lips as most, and they do in fact still feel comfortable to wear..This is one of the main reasons why I love these particular liquid lipsticks so much, as they do not interfere too badly with my dry lips. If you also suffer from dry lips but you love liquid lipsticks, check out my blog post on how to prepare your lips before application here, for my tips on getting the best results from them!  

Overall, I am really impressed with all of the new shades released for Spring and Summer 2016..It really shows how much time and effort Norvina and Anastasia Beverly Hills put into creating the perfect range of shades, as well as the most incredible products..Their craftsmanship is second to none, and they just seem to get it spot on, every single time!
Have you tried any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks from the Spring 2016 collection? Which are your favourite shades?

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