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With Summer being just around the corner, we are now all on the hunt for the perfect radiant-boosting beauty products, that are going to help us achieve that beautifully illuminated, sun-kissed looking skin, which we all desire so badly.
I, for one, love using an array of highlighting products on the high points of my face, to try and create a strong highlighted look, as it gives the illusion that my skin has a gorgeous, dewy and glowy looking appearance, which it unfortunately lacks naturally. Over the recent months, highlighting has become a step in my daily make-up routine that is just as important as a perfect nude lip, or a slick winged eyeliner, and for me, highlighters are now an essential product which I cannot go a day without applying. Highlighting has the ability to completely transform my dull looking skin, to make it look the best it can possibly be, whilst enhancing all of my natural features at the same time, ensuring that my finished make-up look appears brightened, healthy and somewhat natural as well..Just the way I like. Even though I use highlighter all year around, I think in the Summer months it is more acceptable to apply a little but more that usual and go for an intense lookBut, what if we could get that desired, intense highlighted effect in its most innate form? 

The latest collection from Illamasqua, Metamorph, celebrates beauty in its most natural form, and all of the products included have been designed specifically around accentuating hyper-real skin and feral brows. Illamasqua have created five innovate products that make up the collection, including an eyeshadow quad palette, a mascarabrow definers (available in four shades), highlighting powders (available in two shades), and also nail polishes (available in two shades) as well..Each of these products unite colour and technology, providing original, hybrid formulas within everyday make-up essentials.   

While everything in the collection looks and sounds incredible, there is one product in particular that is definitely the star of the show..The Beyond Powder Highlighters. As soon as Illamasqua starting showing small previews of these before the debut, I knew I had to get my hands on one the second they were released. The concept behind these new highlighting powders is one that is simple and actually quite unique..Rather than following the latest 'strobing' trend, and trying to compete with other brands by creating an overly intense highlighting powder that would make your cheekbones visible from Mars, Illamasqua decided to go in a different direction, and produce highlighters that will offer a more subtle and radiant glow to the skin..The idea behind this is that the product corresponds to what the Metamorph collection stands for..Enhancing natural beauty! Even though the Beyond Powders are more subtle than most that are around at the moment, they are just as beautiful on as any of the others, and in all honesty, they are much more practical for everyday wear as well. At the moment, everyone seems to be in competition to see who can have the most intense highlight, and I am sure, you are all familiar with the saying, 'There is no such thing as too much highlight', as it is a phrase that seems to surround us at the moment..As much as I do agree with this statement to some degree, (We all know I love a good highlighted look!), for day-to-day minimal make-up, I love using more natural looking products that silly emphasise my features, and with these new powders, Illamasqua have created something beyond remarkable that many of us can use on a daily basis.  

The Beyond Powders are available in two different shades, 'OMG' which is a light champagne shade, and 'Epic' which is more of a bronzed copper shade..Both are just as beautiful as each other and they are both suitable for a wide range of skin tones as well. 

I only picked up one shade out of the two available, and I chose to go for the shade 'OMG', as I thought it was most suitable for my complexion. Described by Illamasqua as a Champagne Shimmer, OMG is a light, golden champagne shade that has a stunning pearlescent sheen to it..It is such a wearable shade, and when applied to the highpoints of the face, it catches the light beautifully. Whilst it is a fairly universal shade, OMG is perfect for fair skin tones, to highlight the cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow for a natural radiant glow.     

With this highlighter, the name really does say it, because Oh My Gosh, I am impressed! Even though the Beyond Powders do offer a more subdued glow to the skin by just subtly adding a warm hue to the complexion, they still look absolutely stunning on, as they really do catch the light like nothing else, and they offer phenomenal pigmentation as well. Being a baked formulation, the Beyond powders can be used both wet and dry, depending on the intensity that you desire..For sheer pigmentation and a natural glow, simply apply the powder to the skin straight from the pan using a highlighting brush, or for a more vibrant effect, you can wet the powder using a product like MAC Fix +, before you apply it onto the skin..Both techniques work really well, and also provide an instant glow that is super long wearing. The texture of this powder is extremely smooth and lightweight, so it glides onto the skin effortlessly and creates a healthy, flawless looking finish to skin..It blurry imperfections rather than accentuates them, so any blemishes or fine lines do not appear more visible. As well as being used on the face, the Beyonds can also be used on the body to achieve a natural, bronzed skin effect..Using a highlighting brush, you can buff the product onto the collarbones, shoulders and D├ęcolletage, to give an instant shimmer, and elegant golden glow to the skin. Personally, I have never tried highlighting my body before, but for beach days in the Summer, or for laying by the pool on holiday, I can imagine that it will look really beautiful, reflecting in the sunshine. 

Not only are the new Beyond Powders incredible for highlighting the face and body, but they can also be used on the eyes, as eyeshadow as well..We all love a multi-purpose product, right?! For the best results on the eyes, dampen the eye shadow brush before you pick up any product, and this will make the powder wet to create a high-shine metallic eye shadow that offer an ultra long lasting finish.   

Despite highlighter being all the rage at the moment, it's nice to have a product that adds just the right amount of shimmer and gives, as intended, a natural, radiant glow to the skin. Don't get me wrong, OMG is very sheeny, but to just the right amount leaving the skin looking fresh and naturally luminous, to achieve that desired, glowing from within look..It is so gorgeous and I just wish that I could cover every inch of my face with it! 
Have you tried any products from the Illamasqua Metamorph collection? What are your thoughts on these new Beyond Powder Highlighters? 

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