Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Just when I thought Jo Malone couldn't possibly release anything more beautiful to the senses than their previous fragrances, a new launch comes along that has left me swooning, for both the gorgeously decorated bottle and the most heavenly scent I have ever smelt.
Every June, just in time for Summer, Jo Malone launch a limited edition, blossom based fragrance..It is a launch that many people anticipate every year, and it is the one particular debut that will never fail to leave you wanting more. If I look forward to one annual fragrance launch each year, it has to be this one, without a doubt. Unsurprisingly, 2016's offering is just as breathtaking, if not more so, than the previous blossom tinged colognes..Let me introduce to you, Jo Malone London's seasonal, Nashi Blossom Cologne.  

I really love the new direction that Jo Malone have been taking with some of their latest fragrance launches, and the recent designs for their special fragrance releases have just been absolutely stunning..The various hues of green glass from the herb collection, and now the fun polka-dot adorned glass bottle with a splash of zesty lime green on the bottle cap, especially designed for the stunning Nashi Blossom Cologne. The inspiration for this particular design come from the Nashi flower, which boosts a pure white petal juxtaposed with a jet black stem, hence the graphic polka-dot effect studded all over the glass. It is a very modern and playful design that beautifully reflects the fragrance nestled inside.   

Jo Malone's Nashi Blossom Cologne is the epitome of Springtime, and it is sweetly described as a petal pop. It is a light, fresh and bright combination of succulent Nashi fruit, with sweet pear, crisp apple and mouth-watering lemon. For a sweet-scented perfume, this one is very different in comparison to others that I often see and smell at this time of year, as it is neither sickly sweet, nor overly floral either. The zesty citrus top notes are softened by the blend of efflorescent Spring Nashi Blossom (an accord of white Peony and Jasmine petals), as well as voluptuous rose and clean white musk too, all of which give the fragrance a delicate, radiant and youthful feel. To me, this new seasonal cologne just screams relaxing picnics, and afternoons of fruit picking, under the heat of the summer sun. It is completely refreshing while being light and delicate on the skin also, and I cannot think of a more perfect summertime scent..Simple, subtle, tinged with citrus appeal and easily layered with a multitude of other Jo Malone Colognes. Absolutely phenomenal.  

Every time I try a new fragrance from the Jo Malone Cologne collections I think I fall in love a little bit more..Not only are they exquisitely simple and refined, but all of the scents are also very unique and distinctive, and they always have a hint of the unexpected. If you love perfumes and you really appreciate a lovely, luxurious fragrance, then I cannot recommend Jo Malone enough..There is a spectrum of scents to choose from and I guarantee you will find at least one which is perfect for you!
Have you tried any of the products from Jo Malone? Which is your all-time favourite scent? 

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