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'I have nothing to wear' is a phrase that I am sure most of us here are very familiar with..I know I say it at least once every day when I am getting ready in the mornings!
Even though I have a wardrobe that is completely overflowing with clothes and is slowly turning into a floordrobe, I still awake every single day and I always struggle to know what to wear for the day ahead..Third world problems, right?! This fashion rut is something that I seem to find myself in about four times throughout the year, every single year, and to be specific, those times are at the beginning of each new season. Weather it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, transitioning your wardrobe from one season to the next can be a lengthy and drawn-out process, and honestly, I often find it so hard to keep up with the latest trends, as fashion is very quick paced and everything changes so regularly. When I used to work for Topshop, keeping up with the latest trends was dare I say, easy for me..At that point in my life I had a distinct style, and I knew exactly the sort of clothes that I wanted to wear. However, over the years, that has changed massively, and now shopping for clothes is something which I actually tend to struggle with, as I no longer have a 'typical' style that I stick to completely..One day I will love wearing a super cute lacy, pink dress and then the next day I will be like, NO, give me all the black leather you have! I feel like I need two separate wardrobes for two different moods..I swear I am actually two people wrapped up in one!

Since it is finally starting to look like summer here in the UK, and we are actually seeing some sunshine, and feeling some warmth on our skin (you know the excitement if you live here too!), I thought it was about time that I invested in some key, summer wardrobe pieces..I just don't think black jeans paired with black turtle necks are going to cut it for the next few months! Out of each season, I find that Summer is one of the hardest ones to dress for, but it is also one of my favourites as well. To begin transitioning my wardrobe, I decided I wanted to start by treating myself to some 'basic', yet stylish tops which can be worn with anything, and can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any occasion. I have chosen all plain tops with minimal pattern on them, to make them more versatile too, as admittedly, I do get bored of prints very quickly. Usually, I am a Topshop, Zara or River Island girl when it comes to fashion, and I don't think I have ever owned anything from the more, Premium high-street to designer brands before..Up until now that is! Ted Baker is a luxury retail company known for many different things..Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Purses, Beauty Products, Accessories..You name it, they probably have it! While I have been a lover of Ted Baker for years, and I have owned countless amounts of shoes, purses and phone cases from them, I had never really payed close attention to their clothing range, and right now I have no idea why, because they offer some seriously gorgeous pieces! Yes, they do come at a higher price tag than Topshop and Zara, but for the quality, the way the fit, and just the way that the clothes look and feel when they are on, I for one am not opposed to paying that little bit of extra money.

This is the top that caught my eye in the Ted Baker store straight away because of all of the beautiful detailing that it has on it. Featuring an intricate cut-work finish and the lovely scalloped edging, it is a great day-to-day top for the summer that is super easy to style..Weather your having afternoon tea at a nice country house, or just a picnic in the park, this top is perfect! It can be paired with jeans for a more casual dressed down look, or it can be worn with smart trousers for a more formal appearance, and I really love that kind of versatility in an item of clothing, as you can get much more wear out of it!
As much as I love the cut-out work detailing around the centre section of the top and I think it is a great extra to really finish the top off, the two main features that stood out to me most when I saw this top were actually the scalloped hem, and also the neckline style of it as well. A scalloped hem is something that never seems to go out of style and I have always really liked the effect of it on tops..If a top is extremely plain, this different sort of hem has the ability to completely switch it up and give the top a new and interesting look which appears much more put together and more expensive too. As for the neckline, it is a racer style, so it goes slightly inwards around the arms and up to the neck, rather than going straight up over the shoulders..Does that make any sense at all?! It is one style in particular that I lust over in tops, as I find it to be very flattering on, and in my opinion it looks a lot more stylish as well. Of course, the one struggle with racer style tops like this one, is trying to find a bra to go with it that has no visible straps..I find that a normal strapless bra, or a stick on bra tend to work perfectly!
The Jazma top is also available in Oxblood or Baby Pink, both of which are absolutely stunning. After much deliberation between white and pink, I chose to get the White one as I thought I would get the most wear out of it, and it is suitable for all year around too!

Considering everything in my wardrobe is either black, white or grey, I thought that I should maybe inject a little bit of colour in there somewhere, and what better colour is there for this time of year than a baby pink..It is subtle, cute and it just screams summer to me! As soon as I set eyes on this top, I instantly fell in love and I had no hesitation in buying it at all, because I knew I would get SO much wear out of it. While it does look like a plain pink blouse upon first glance, the closer you get, the more you'll notice that it is actually so much more than that. With its chic curved hem, puffy short sleeves, a cute collar and its retro chain detailing, it is a lot more than initially meets the eye! The feature that originally caught my attention was the endearing collar with the delicate chain detailing, as I think it really adds an extra element of elegance into a somewhat, basic blouse. The two little buttons on either side of the collar are super adorable, they look a lot like the Ted Baker stud earrings, and they are connected together with this stunning, dainty chain, which is actually rose gold (My favourite)! It is the little attributes on Ted Bakers clothing like this one, that remind me of why I love the brand so much..The attention to detail is just incredible and the fact that their accents and features are done in Rose Gold, just makes it that bit more impressive! This blouse is another piece that can be worn in a variety of different ways for different occasion..I have worn it already with jeans and a trench coat for a casual shopping day, and I am also going to dress it up with an A-line midi skirt and some scrappy heels for a day at the races in July..It is the epitome of a versatile top!
The Gurra top is also available in Cream and Black, if you prefer more neutral colours.

P.S. I apologise for all of the creases on this top in the pictures. It has been folded up in my wardrobe, and I am that girl that hates nothing more than ironing..Guilty!   

Back into my comfort zone with the dark, neutral colours, I just could not resist purchasing this stunning long sleeved blouse. I know that this one does not scream summer in the slightest, but here in the UK we get a lot of cold and rainy days throughout the summer still, much to my disappointment, and I thought this would be perfect for those kind of dull days! The Sazzie blouse is very simple and fuss-free with no fancy features on it, except for the sleek expose zip down the front. The exquisite rose gold zip is absolutely gorgeous and I think it is the perfect addition to an otherwise, understated blouse. What I love most about this top is the simplicity of it, and the fact that it looks smart, yet casual at the same time..It is a combination of a feminine silhouette which gives the blouse a sophisticated vibe, fused with sporty ribbed cuffs that give it an athletic feel..A unique intermix that Ted Baker have pulled off perfectly for this one! Worn with jeans and a jacket this top is great for girly shopping days or a coffee catch-up, or paired with wide leg trousers it will offer you the perfect dinner date outfit! 
The Sazzie blouse is also available in Baby Pink, if you prefer softer, pastel shades. 

This top was the first piece that I bought from Ted Baker's clothing range, and it is the reason that I ended up treating myself to all of the others as well, as it made me realise how remarkable their clothing really is. I found this one a couple of weeks ago now at my local designer shopping outlet, Cheshire Oaks (similar to Bicester Village), whilst I was rummaging through the discounted rails in the Ted Baker store. As soon as I spotted it in my size, I headed straight to the fitting rooms to try it on, and I anticipated great things..It's safe to say that I was not disappointed! I had never even tried on a piece of Ted Baker clothing before this point, and when I put this one on, I instantly fell in love. From the way the material feels, to the way it hangs on my body, it is absolutely perfect, and this is where my endless Ted Baker clothing love affair all began! The picture does not do this top justice at all, as it has not picked up the gorgeous snake effect textured finish that it has. Snake effect on clothing is one trend in particular which seems to come back into style every year, and I really do love it..Especially for Autumn and Winter! Yes, I know that I am trying to transition my wardrobe into Summer, but I caved with this one..Sorry! It was just far too nice to leave behind and I know I will get so much wear out of it, even in the Summer, because lets be realistic, black is totally acceptable in Summer as well. I am excited to pair this top with some ripped denim, a leather jacket, and some scrappy heels to create a chic, yet edgy outfit. 

I have always loved Ted Baker purses, bags, phone cases and beauty products, and now I can even add to clothes to the list as well..Lets just take a moment to pray for my bank balance! Even though each of the pieces I treated myself are more expensive than what I would usually pay for plain tops, these Ted Baker ones are all great quality, and because they are all quite minimalistic as well, they will not go out of style anytime soon, so I know I will get so much wear out of them all. Also, they just feel so luxurious and special to wear, and it makes me really happy that I can finally start incorporating some designer items into my wardrobe! If you would like to see what any of the tops look like on and see how I style them, then be sure to head over to my Instagram..aliciaamyjones (cheeky little plug!), as I do love to share the occasional outfit of the day post over on there! 
Have you started transitioning into your Summer wardrobe yet? What are your key pieces?

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