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Tailoring my make-up to suit the season is something which I personally love to do, so with Summer just around the corner, I have decided that it is time for me to reorganise my make-up bag, and swap my current every day make-up essentials, to more Summer appropriate items.
Even though the weather never really seems to change too drastically here in the UK for the Summer time, it is still always nice to have a little make-up refresh nonetheless. The first step that I take in the process of re-vamping my make-up bag for Summer, is to think about what I want my specific 'go-to' Summer make-up look to be like, and then once I have come to a conclusion on that, I will determine which products will gain a space in my updated, everyday make-up bag, to help me achieve my desired seasonal look. When I think of Summer make-up, I always imagine a 'barely there', minimal make-up look which is very natural, fresh and feminine..Visualise sun-kissed bronzed skin, a beautiful radiant glow, a subtle flush of colour on the cheeks and a light pop of colour on the lips..Depicts Summer make-up pretty perfectly, right? To create this ideal fresh-faced, luminous make-up look, there are four types of products in particular which I will incorporate into my make-up bag to transition my beauty routine into Summer.     

 A Lightweight Base || Out with the heavy, high-coverage, matte finish foundations and in with the minimal-coverage, dewy tinted moisturisers. Normally I am very opposed to a product that just offers a sheer coverage on myself personally, however if you have seen my recent skin transformation post, then you will know that at the moment, my skin is looking better than it ever has done before, and because of that, I am now a lot more confident with showing my natural skin..I do not feel like I need a lot of coverage on a daily basis, so I am fully embracing the more natural base, and so far I am absolutely loving it! Making a return from last year, the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation has unsurprisingly managed to make it's way back into my everyday make-up routine, and I have fallen in love with it all over again! Even though this product is technically classed as a foundation, Chanel actually describe it as an 'Ultra-light skin perfecting sunscreen', and it is basically just the same as a typical tinted moisturiser. It is such a beautiful base, which feels extremely light-weight on the skin, whilst providing a lovely sheer-to-light coverage and adding that gorgeous radiant glow to your overall appearance, which we all covet so badly. Also, with SPF 15 included, it is great to know that your foundation is protecting your skin for you as well! Using a product like this in the mornings, rather than a heavy-duty foundation, saves up to half the time in my daily make-up routine, and the finished result is always a stunning 'my skin but better' appearance, perfect for Summer.   

 Cream Products || For staying power, I love using powder products, but when it comes to the warmer weather in Summer, nothing says fresh-faced like cream products. Wether it is a cream bronzer, cream highlight or a cream blush, it will give a much softer finish to your make-up and in turn, it will appear much more natural as well. My personal all-time favourite cream product is without a doubt the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer, and every single Summer, I guarantee that you will find this lurking about in my make-up bag. I apply a small amount of the product onto my skin, in all of the areas that the sun would naturally bronze my face, and the result this creates is a beautifully sun-kissed complexion, that looks natural and radiant. As I am quite fair naturally, I really love finding amazing bronzing products that I can use to enhance my features and which make my skin look healthier and happier..I have definitely found a winner with this one! What I also love about any cream products is that they tend to be very velvety smooth in texture, so they glide onto the skin effortlessly, and they blend in easily as well, so again, they are great for saving time in the mornings! Although cream products may not last as long on the skin as powders, they add the most beautiful, dewy glow to any make-up look..Who wouldn't want that everyday in the Summer?  

 Highlighting Powders || TIME TO GLOW! Although I use highlighting powders all year around, I really do not hold back in the Spring and Summer months..The more highlight, the better! With most make-up items I would say less is more, but where highlight is concerned more is definitely more..You make sure they can see those cheekbones from space, honey! One of my most favourite highlighters for everyday wear is the highly coveted, Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm Cosmetics. You can read my full post on this highlight here, for a more in-depth review, but in a nutshell, it just offers the most incredible, luminous glow that you could ever imagine, and for a pale complexion specifically, it works like a dream. Once applied, it catches the light beautifully to really enhance your features, whilst soothing out the skin for a soft focus effect. Another highlighting product I love for Summer is the Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector, in the shade, Blushed Copper. Slightly different from other Becca shimmering Skin Perfectors, this one is actually a luminous blush topper, so rather than being used on the cheekbones, it is great for layering over the top of a blush, on the apples of the cheeks. It is the perfecting finishing touch to any make-up look, and it really does achieve an intense, yet understated, glowing complexion. Lastly, The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette speaks for itself. All six of the powders included are absolutely stunning, and they work wonders at creating that lovely 'lit from within' glow. What I love most about this palette is that the powders can be used all over the face to set liquid and cream products in place, yet because they are all iridescent or luminous powders, rather than having a matte finish, they have a slight sheen to them, so they still offer a radiant look..How amazing? I really do love discovering all different products that manage to perk up my pale complexion and add some radiance, and all of these do the job remarkably.    

 Glossy lip products || As someone who lives in matte lipsticks, this is something a little different for me, but for Summer, I really do think that a glossy lip is the perfect finishing touch to compliment a luminous, dewy complexion. One of my favourite lip glosses at the moment, is from from Charlotte Tilbury, and it is a lip lustre in the shade 'Seduction', which is a classic true nude shade..Of course, what else would you expect from me?! This gloss just adds the perfect wash of colour to the lips, it feels comfortable and hydrating to wear and it also gives a gorgeous high-mirrored shine finish, for the illusion of fuller lips and a more voluptuous pout. I have only discovered these lip lustres in the past couple of months, but I have gone crazy for them..They have converted me into a gloss girl and I cannot wait to pick up a variety of shades to add to my Summer lip collection! Another gloss that I have been loving recently is the NARS Lip Gloss in the shade 'Chelsea Girl', which is a more pink toned nude. Again this one adds a stunning colour to the lips that actually looks quite natural-esque, it feels smooth and nourishing on, and for me, it just completes the overall radiant Summer make-up look and pulls everything together perfectly. Both of these lip glosses are a lovely addition to a minimal, Summer make-up look, and they are super easy to just keep with you in your handbag to apply on the go.

In the summer time I love nothing more than sun-kissed, bronzed, glowing skin that still appears natural and fresh, and I really do find that incorporating these four types of products into my daily make-up routine, really helps me achieve the exact look that I desire..They are definitely all necessities for me personally, and every year, these are the sort of items that you will find in my seasonal Summer make-up bag, as they are a great way to switch up your make-up for the warmer weather! 
Have you updated your make-up bag ready for Summer? What are some of your essential items?

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