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My handbag is predominately the home of food wrappers, loose change, hair ties and hundreds of unneeded receipts, but just for today, I thought I would put those details to one side and pretend that I am actually quite organised when it comes to what I carry in my handbag.
I mean, aside from all of that jumble which you will undoubtably find at the bottom of any of my handbags, believe it or not I am actually quite good with the inners of my bag. At least once a week I try to empty out the contents of my bag and completely declutter it, to make sure that I am only carrying exactly what I need with me, and nothing more than that ..Most of the time I succeed at keeping the unnecessary junk out
Recently I have switched up my everyday handbag to a smaller style bag, and I took this opportunity to have a full clear out..I have tried to reduce the number of items that I need to carry around with me and keep it to a bare minimum. Sifting through all of the odds and ends and just keeping the essential few items to carry makes life with a handbag so much simpler..Not only does it save time for you when you are searching in your bag for something specific, but it also feels a lot less weighty to carry around all day long.   

As much as I love my trusty Ted Baker purse, I often find it to be quite large to carry around in my smaller handbags..It takes up a little too much space for my liking, and I just cannot justify it..Especially since I very rarely carry cash on me and I only have a handful of cards which I actually use on a daily basis. A big purse just is not necessary for me, and so I decided to try out something a bit different that is a little more convenient..A card holder. Card holders are just so handy to pop in any handbag and take on the go, and I am so happy I took the transition and switched from my purse to this..It is much more practical for me as it is lightweight, takes up hardly any room, and yet it still holds everything that I need from day-to-day. I recently picked up the Saint Laurent Monogram Card Case, and I absolutely love it! This particular one is grain textured Matelasse leather, with Matelasse stitching and the gold toned metal, interlocking YSL signature monogram featured on the front. Being grained leather, this card case is extremely durable and it is less likely to get scuffed and scratched than what soft leather would..This was important to me when choosing a card holder because of course with it being kept in my handbag it is inevitable that it's going to get marked from knocking against other items, so I took precautions and went for the grained leather to prevent any damages! Even though this specific card case does come in a variety of lovely colours, I chose to get the black one just because it goes with everything and it is simple, yet still a statement piece..Also, I loved the black and gold contrast! It has two slots on each side for cards and also a middle pocket which allows extra space for any spare cash or receipts. In a nutshell, this card case is much more appropriate for me to carry around on a daily basis as opposed to a large purse, and I honestly cannot believe I did not start using one years ago! This Saint Laurent card case is my first ever luxury designer piece and I just know that I will treasure it forever..You can find my full blog post on it here.

Stating the obvious here, but I figured I would mention it anyway..Two essentials which I will always have on me, wherever I go, are my phone and my keys, because lets be honest, they are not much use being left anywhere else now are they?! 
My phone is like my love handles..Never leaves my side! I recently upgraded to the iPhone 7+ and I am absolutely loving it! It has an incredible camera on it so I can get all of those Instagrammable shots on the go (@aliciaamyjones if you do not follow me already!), and of course it is perfect for checking and keeping up with all of my social medias through out the day as well. I am pretty sure We can see a theme here as to what I primarily use my phone for..Blogger problems!
Again, my car keys are pretty self explanatory..A girl's got to get places! My keys have to stay in my handbag at all times otherwise it is guaranteed that I will put them down somewhere in the house, forget where I left them, and then have a mad panic about loosing them. This used to be a daily struggle for me, so with them being left in one specific place, it makes mornings much less stressful! 

Once I have done my make-up in the morning and I am set to head out for the day, I always make sure that I have my most essential make-up items with me which I know I will need throughout the day for any touch-ups on the go. I used to carry around a full make-up bag with me everyday, but when I realised that it was such a waste of space in my bag, I narrowed it down to the bare minimal necessities, which consists of no more than just two or three items!
First of all is a face powder, and the particual one which I am using at the moment, is my trusty M.A.C Studio Fix Powder..I have used this powder for SO many years now, and it will always be a go-to for me. Having combination skin it is inevitable that my T-Zone will get oily throughout the day and in turn my make-up will also start to look more oily as well. As much as I love the appearance of dewy skin, I do not want to look overly oily or greasy, so I always take this powder with me in case of that emergency. I simply dust a light layer of powder over my face to combat any excess, unwanted shine, and it is such a quick fix to get my make-up looking exactly how I want it to again! With this powder from MAC being housed in quite a small compact it is perfect for carrying around in my handbag all day as its lightweight and takes up next to no room..Also it comes fully equipped with a mirror and a powder puff, which makes it even more perfect for on the go!
Another make-up item which is an everyday handbag essential for me is a lip product, or two! My choice of lip product is something which I actually switch up quite regularly (almost daily!) to be honest, and what I decide to carry with me on a particular day depends on three specifics..The weather, my outfit and my make-up look! At the moment I have been loving this specific combination which is my Tom Ford Lip Colour in the shade 'Casablanca', paired with my Nars Lip Gloss in the shade 'Chelsea Girls' over the top. Together these two create the perfect pink-toned nude lip, which is something I absolutely love for everyday, and because it is such a classic lip shade, it just matches well with everything..A nude lip combo will never do you wrong! 

Whether it be a body spray, a body mist or a perfume, some kind of a fragrance is something which I never leave the house without! I feel like perfume wears off on my skin fairly quickly through out the day, so I love having the option to top it up whenever I feel necessary, to make sure I am smelling fresh all day long! Of course, my perfume of choice is always one from the esqisite Jo Malone Colognes collection, because as we all know, some of my favourite scents come from their range! For the past few months I have been obsessing over the infamous cologne, 'Pomegranate Noir' which is a more mature, seductive scent, and it is just absolutely beautiful..You can read my full, in depth review here. However, recently I have rediscovered an old Spring-time favourite of mine, which I have been really enjoying using on these crisp Winter days for a more subtle, fresh scent. It is the limited edition cologne, 'Nashi Blossom' which Jo Malone released yearly last year especially for Spring 2016, and it very quickly became a favourite fragrance of mine..It is a light floral scent which is extremely delicate and it is just perfect for everyday wear!    

I feel so much better now I have completely sorted out the contents of my handbag and got rid of anything and everything that just does not need to be there..A decluttered handbag is a decluttered mind! It is such a refreshing feeling to know that everything I am now carrying around is essential for me to have on a daily basis..Each item has a purpose!   
What do you carry in your everyday handbag? Just the bare essentials, or everything else in between as well?      
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