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Anytime I head off to the airport to go on my travels I like to make sure that I am fully prepared, to ensure that I have a journey that is as comfortable and as calm as possible.
In my opinion, there is nothing worse than having a long day ahead of you, which involves car journeys and a plane journey, where you feel uneasy and agitated throughout the entire duration. The feeling of discomfort is enough to make anybody feel distressed on their travels, and no one wants to start off their holiday that way..We want excitement! 

This week I am heading over to Dublin, Ireland (In fact, whilst you are reading this, I am already there, getting merry on the Guinness!) with my mum for her Birthday surprise, and even though we are only away for three days, I have still had a lot to think about and a lot to organise prior to our visit. Amongst the transport booking, the hotel booking, the packing and everything that that a holiday involves, one of main things I have been considering is what am I wearing to airport?!..Very narcissistic of me, I know, but the day of travelling is quickly approaching and I want to be organised and I want to be comfortable. I have taken the time to strategically plan out both my make-up choices and my outfit choices, to make certain that I feel happy and confident whilst travelling. Also, to make my day of travel run that extra bit smoother, I have taken on board all of my top travel tips and put them into practise, to help keep my day as stress-free as possible. With how prepared I am feeling right now, and providing that everything goes according to plan, this should be one smooth-sailing trip! *Fingers Crossed*

When I know I have got a long day of travelling a head of me, a make-up look that is as minimal as possible is always my go-to! I like something that feels really fresh and looks really natural on the skin, yet I still like it to offer me the coverage and the finish which I desire..It is all about finding that perfect balance, to achieve the perfect 'no make-up' make-up look! To create this specific look, I use a selection of incredible products that I have discovered over the years, all of which focus on achieving a flawless base which looks very natural, very radiant and very fresh, as well as feeling hydrating and lightweight on the skin. Wearing a make-up look like this one in particular is perfect for days of travelling, as it makes your skin look and feel really healthy, the products feel comfortable to wear, and while it is super simple, it does still look very put together at the same time. Also, by choosing this more weightless make-up look, as opposed to using heavy duty products for a full-coverage look, your skin is going to keep most of its moisture and it is not going to feel too dry or too tired after your journey, which is always a bonus! When you are travelling on an aeroplane, it is inevitable that the air is going to dry out you skin, so make sure you take precautions, by choosing your morning skincare and make-up products wisely, as this will help towards reducing the effects of dryness as much as possible..Use your most hydrating products to lock in that moisture! 
The products which I use to tailor my make-up in order to create something suitable for travelling are all apart of my barely there make-up look, which is actually what I wear most days throughout the Summer. Visualise a traceless base, sun-kissed bronzed skin, a beautiful radiant glow, a subtle flush of colour on the cheeks and a light pop of colour on the lips..A complete make-up look in it's most natural form! A make-up look like this one is enough to make you look awake and ready for the day, and it is a perfect way of saying 'I have made an effort, but I am not trying too hard'. It's perfect for travel.  

When I am travelling for most of the day, one of my main priorities is making sure that I am comfortable for the duration of the journey. I like to wear an outfit that is casual, yet still looks nice and put together when I get off the plane at the other end..Similarly to my chosen make-up look, I also want my outfit to show that I have made an effort, but not too much effort.
With that being said, simplicity is always a key factor for me when searching for appropriate travel attire to wear. To keep things easy on travel days, I usually just stick to my typical everyday style, which tends to consist of my favourite skinny jeans paired up with a cute little top..The perfect casual, yet chic combination. Also, because it can often get quite chilly on an aeroplane, I do like to bring a lightweight jacket or a scarf with me too, just so I can layer up to keep myself warm on the journey. As for shoes, one thing is for sure..I will always wear flats to travel in! Airports quite often involve a fair bit of walking (and sometime running!), so there is no denying that flat shoes are one hundred percent the best choice.
As much as I am sometimes tempted to dress up for the airport, I have learned the hard way that by the end of the flight I will be long past caring what I look like, so comfort has to come first. My basic rule with travel clothes is that if they would not be comfortable enough for me to lounge on the sofa in, or sit all day at my desk in, they probably won’t be comfortable enough for a long day of travelling, either!

While some people find the travelling aspect a really exciting part of their holiday, other people often find it to be one of the most stressful parts of it all. From the last minute panic packing before leaving the house, to getting stuck in traffic on the road, to actually arriving at the airport, it can all be a bit traumatic for one morning. Over my few years of experience with airports and travelling, I seem to have picked up a handful of useful tips and tricks that really do seem to help make the days of travelling so much easier, and run so much smoother.
 Prepare your make-up and outfit the night before || Laying out all of your make-up and your chosen outfit the day before you travel is a great way to save time in the morning. Personally, if I do not do this, I find myself needing to rush to get ready to leave on time, and nothing stresses me out more than panic rushing to get ready! So, I find that having everything set up, waiting for me is a great way to start my day stress free!
 Check the weather forecast at your destination || The weather is something that I like to keep an eye on for a few days leading up to my holiday, so whilst I am packing I can prepare everything that I will need depending on the temperature. Before leaving the house in the morning to head to the airport, I also like to do one last weather check to see what I am heading into..This way I know whether I need to prepare myself with a coat and a umbrella or sunscreen and sunglasses!
 Check-in online if you can || To help save yourself plenty of time on the day you travel, you can always check in for your flight online and avoid all the queues at the airport. With most airlines now you can check in online up to a month before your travelling date, so you can get yourself prepared for your departure. Online check-in allows you to print off your boarding passes, select or confirm your seat on the plane and also register your baggage with the airline, meaning all you have to worry about when you get to the airport is dropping your bags off at the baggage counter and getting to your gate..It's that easy!
 Leave yourself plenty of time to get to the airport || Even if you have checked-in online and you are fully prepared for your travels, it is still always a good idea to leave your house in plenty of time of get to the airport. You never know what curveballs are going to get thrown your way on your journey there..Road works, queues with traffic backed up for miles, closed off roads, anything is possible and it is better be safe than sorry! 

Each of these tips work wonders at keeping me relaxed on the day of travelling, which makes for a much more pleasant start to any holiday! To find out more of my tips and tricks on how to have a stress-free holiday, check out my recent travel post here.

By incorporating all of these tips into my preparation routine each time I travel, and by making the right outfit and make-up choices that are comfortable for me, I find that my travel days are now so much more pleasant to endure.
Do you strategically plan your outfits and your make-up look before you travel? What are your top travel tips?

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