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A special Christmas Eve box has become one of many families favourite Christmas traditions!
Full of festive little treats for the whole family to enjoy together, these personal boxes are a great way to add some extra magic to the Eve of the big day. They are the perfect way to kickstart the beginning of Christmas the way it should be spent..Relaxing and having fun with the whole family around you, enjoying quality time! 

Filled up with movies to watch, food to eat, nightwear to cosy up in and even some treats for Santa and his Reindeer, these boxes are magical to receive on Christmas eve, and they are the perfect way to start off the celebrations and get you super excited for Christmas!
You certainly do not need to go over the top and spend an absolute fortune to put together the perfect Christmas Eve box, all you need is a handful of festive themed treats, some of which you may already having laying around the house, and you are good to go..

Watching Christmas movies is definitely the best way to get you feeling super festive and ready for Christmas, and even though most of us watch them throughout the entire month of December (sometimes earlier!), there is no denying that Christmas Eve is the best time to sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite ones! Two of my personal favourites which I cannot go a year without watching are The Grinch and Elf..They are two classic Christmas films which everyone loves and people of all ages can enjoy!

Because, you cannot have a movie night without snacks, right? Popcorn, chocolate, sweets and other treats are your cosy Christmas night in essentials! Pick your favourites, put them in a bowl and dig in..Just don't get too eager and eat them all before the film is over! 

A festive hot chocolate filled with marshmallows is usually the choice of beverage throughout December, so of course you cannot let Christmas Eve slip by without indulging in one. Choose your favourite mug, along with your favourite flavoured hot chocolate and enjoy it whilst watching your film and nibbling on your snacks! If you are feeling super merry (and you are of age, of course!) then you could even sneak a little of Bailey's in there for an extra bit of festive taste..That's my personal favourite way to enjoy a hot choccy!

A fun activity is always nice to include into your Christmas Eve routine, and this year, something that I have enjoyed doing copious amounts is colouring in. It sounds a bit bizarre I know but these adult colouring books are honestly the perfect way to relax the mind and help to switch off from all of your worries and stresses..Just what you want the day before Christmas, right? 

Similarly to fresh bed sheets, nothing says cosy quite like new pyjamas! A new set of cute pyjamas is a pretty standard present which I feel near enough everybody receives at Christmas and truth be told, we flipping love it! However, rather than gifting the pyjamas on Christmas morning, they actually make for the most perfect early Christmas gift..And we all love to open just one present a little early, don't we?! Receiving Christmas-themed pyjamas as a special surprise inside the Christmas Eve box means you can cosy up in them on the sofa to have your movie night, you can enjoy them to go to bed in that night and you can also wrap up warm in them and feel all soft and snuggly whilst opening your present early on Christmas morning..Heck, you might even stay in them all day if you're spending Christmas at home!

When I was younger, one present which I could guarantee I would receive every year would be a pair of new comfy socks, and they were that one present that I always smiled and said thank you for but kind of overlooked them because it was more of a mediocre gift (Or so I thought at that age!)..However now, at the ripe old age of 23, I could not appreciate a pair of these more! I always seem to have such cold feet for some reason and it is one thing which I hate more than anything, so to make sure I keep my toes toastie warm on Christmas Eve, thick slipper socks are the perfect treat to find in my Christmas box!

"We don't have a chimney and I am as worried as can be, about how you will bring the presents to my family and me, but now I've solved the problem and I am not sad anymore, for hanging from this ribbon, is the key to our front door".
..For houses without a chimney Santa needs an alternative route to get inside the house to leave the presents, and the best way to make that possible is to hang a magic key on the door on Christmas Eve waiting for him when he arrives..Do not worry though, this magic key will not work for anyone else except Santa Claus!  

"On Christmas Eve before you sleep, go outside and take a peek. Can you see them? Are they Near? If not, don't worry and have no fear. This little bag is all you need, it is full of magic reindeer feed. Sprinkle it on your lawn tonight, and it will help the reindeer as they take flight. As Santa's reindeer fly and roam, this magic feed will help lead them to your home". 
..As clever and as magical as they are, even Santa's reindeer need a little guidance from time-to-time, so before you go up to bed on Christmas Eve, make sure you sprinkle some of this magic reindeer food outside your house or leave it in a bowl beside Santa's mince pies, and I am sure you will hear the clatter of reindeer on your roof shortly afterwards!

Although the tree is already fully decorated by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, I think it is a really nice gesture if everybody in the house adds their own special bauble prior to going to bed. Pop a different one into each persons individual box, and that will be their own personal decoration to add to your family Christmas tree!  

Santa will be sure to fill your Christmas stocking with gifts before you wake up on Christmas morning, so make sure you hang it somewhere he can find it..Wether that it above the fireplace, at the end of your bed or even on the handle of your bedroom door, be positive he can get to it easily! I know a lot of people actually hang up there stockings along with their decorations earlier in the month, but I usually like to do it on Christmas Eve..I do have ones hanging above my fireplace throughout December just for decoration, but I will place my real one upon the handle of my bedroom door before heading to bed on Christmas Eve. I tend to reuse the same stocking each year rather than buying a new one every time, and I will always keep it inside the Christmas Eve box ready to hang up.

A Christmas Eve box full of festive goodies is a special family tradition that I would love to keep doing throughout all the years to come, as I find it to be such a perfect way to unwind and get fully in the Christmas spirit..It is super fun and exciting to take part in (even for a 23 year old!) and I really believe that it keeps the magic of Christmas alive!
Do you do Christmas Eve boxes in your family? What items do you usually include in yours?
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