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Every women needs a little luxury in her life from time-to-time, and I cannot think of a more deserving time for it than Christmas..It is the perfect excuse to pamper in opulence.
These more lavish beauty products are not only some of my absolute favourite gifts to receive at Christmas but they are also my favourite to give, as I know that they have the ability to put an instant smile on any women's face as soon as they unwrap them. From a dash of perfume, to a drop of hair oil, a swipe of lipstick and plenty more too, this gift guide should fill you with inspiration and ideas on what beauty treats you can surprise the special lady in your life with, this christmas. Whether you are shopping for your mum, your nan, your sister, your auntie, your cousin, you girl-friend, your best-friend or even just for yourself, I guarantee that you will stumble upon something here that they will love! 

 Byredo Gypsy Water Eau De Parfum || Whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong with the gift of perfume..Especially if the perfume is one from the luxury fragrance brand, Byredo. With a large variety of scents to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect one to suit the recipients perfume preferences, and because they are a little more deluxe than some of the other perfumes on the market, they just feel that bit more special to receive. Fragrances and perfumes are without a doubt that one present that every women looks forward to unwrapping every year on Christmas morning, and it is definitely an inevitable present for the majority of us..Not that we are complaining! It definitely would not feel like Christmas without a new perfume or two. When it comes to the world of perfumes it can sometimes be quite overwhelming, as their is an abundance of scents to choose from, but I find that it is great to give someone a fragrance that you know they are going to love, so that they can stock up on it..Most women do have their favourite scents when it comes to perfumes, and I feel like a lot also have their 'signature' scent too, and opening one of those would be the ultimate, thoughtful present.

 Artis Brush Elite Mirror 3 Brush Set || A huge trend that we have seen evolve and grow massively throughout this year in the make-up world has been the introduction of the famous oval brushes. SO many different make-up brands have boarded this train in 2016, including both high-street and high-end brands, and created their own line of incredible oval brushes. However, there is one opulent brand that without a doubt stands out from the rest..Of course it is none other than, Artis. At the beginning of the year, these brushes popped up out of nowhere and suddenly, we were seeing them everywhere..And to no surprise, every beauty and make-up lover out there wanted to get their hands on them! There was only one downside..With the beautifully luxurious products, comes the notorious luxury price tag, which unfortunately not everyone would be usually be willing to spend on make-up brushes. Now because of this, I believe that the Artis brushes are not something that many people would actually go out and treat themselves to impulsively, meaning that they would make the most perfect, special treat to gift to any make-up lover. Artis now have a full range of oval brushes available which includes a variety of different colours, sizes and shapes, meaning there are so many to choose from. You can buy them individually or you can also get some of them as a set, depending on your budget and which specific brushes you would like to have. These three come as a part of the Elite Mirror 3 Brush Setand it is honestly the perfect set for someone who is trying these types of brushes for the first time, as there is a brush that is suitable for basically each area of the face..From liner to contouring, these three tools will help achieve flawless make-up application. As I mentioned previously there are SO many other oval brushes available now from all different brands, some of which are slightly more affordable, however none of which are as sumptuous as the ones from Artis Brushes..They are just the ultimate oval brush brand and ANY make-up enthusiast would be overwhelmed to wake up to these on Christmas morning.

 Marc Jacobs Delphine Nail Lacquer || With the spectrum of colours available in Nail Polishes now, a girl can never have too many in her collection..Especially if the latest addition is one from Marc Jacobs Beauty. This specific shade is called Delphineand it is the most beautiful deep, mauve purple-gray colour that I have ever come across in a nail lacquer before. However, since everyone does has their own personal favourite colours, Marc Jacobs do in fact offer a huge variety of different shades in their Hi-Shine Nail Lacquers , meaning that there is a colour to suit everybody's preferences..They really do have you covered when it comes to buying a nail treat for someone, and while they may be on the higher end of the price scale where nail lacquer is concerned, they are one hundred percent worth spending the extra bit of money on to surprise someone with at Christmas.

 Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Luxury Palette || When you see that Purple and Gold Charlotte Tilbury box sitting underneath the Christmas tree, you just know that you are going to be faced with something spectacular inside. With the most beautiful packaging and even more beautiful range of products, Charlotte Tilbury items really do make for some of the best gifts for beauty lovers. Their luxury eyeshadow quads in particular are some of their most spectacular pieces out of the whole range, and with 10 different looks to choose from you should't be left struggling to find the perfect one! This one here is the Dolce Vita palette and it is made up of four absolutely stunning warm-tones, shimmery shades which are ideal for creating both daytime and nighttime looks. Each Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette consists of four different shades which all compliment one another to help create a specific, desired eye look and every one is as stunning as the next. An eyeshadow palette is undoubtably one of the greatest Christmas gifts for any make-up lover out there, and you just simply cannot go wrong with the ones from Charlotte Tilbury.

 Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour || A beautiful lipstick is every Women's handbag essential and nothing says Christmas more than a sultry, red lip colour. With so many available from so many different brands it can sometimes be tricky business trying to decide which one to go for, but if luxury is what you are wanting, then look no further than Chanel. Chanel has to be up there with one of my most favourite opulent brands for lipsticks, and this particular one from their Rouge Allure range, in the shade 'Coromandel' is just beyond beautiful. It is a gorgeous fiery red shade that has orange undertones to it and it is absolutely perfect for the festive season..If you can't rock a bold red lip at Christmas, then when can you?!  

 Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Dry Body Oil || A present from Jo Malone is always one of the best presents of all, and with their huge range that consists of SO many different products and SO many different scents, there really is something for everyone. Typically the two products which I always gravitate towards in Jo Malone are the Colognes and the Candles, as they are the more talked about items. However, more recently I picked up one of their Dry Body Oils to try out, and I absolutely love it..Not that I ever doubted I would for a second, as I adore everything Jo Malone. Unlike the majority of the Jo Malone products, the body oils are only available in three different scents, all of which are from the intense range of scents..Each one smells beautiful and I cannot imagine someone not falling head over heels for at least one of the three. For someone who loves Jo Malone and would like to try out more of the products that they have to offer, then you cannot go wrong with one of these dry body oils..They are the perfect product for a night of luxury pampering!

 Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate || If you saw my recent Skin Journey blogpost, then you will already know that Kiehl's is my most favourite skincare brands of all time, and there is one product of theirs in particular which I truly believe that everybody needs to use in their skincare routine..No surprise, it is of course, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate oil. This is a replenishing nighttime facial oil, that visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning..Basically, this is magic in a bottle! For anybody that takes pride in their skincare and loves to pamper themselves with luxurious oils, serums and creams, then this product is the perfect Christmas gift.

 Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo || Nothing says luxury quite like Tom Ford, and for any beauty enthusiasts their make-up items are ideal for a super special Christmas present. From lipsticks, to eyeshadows, to face products and even skincare, Tom ford have it all, and I cannot imagine any girl being disappointed when unwrapping one of their luxurious packages. From their entire collection, the Skin Illuminating Powder Duo is an incredible choice to gift. Housed inside the deluxe compact are two shimmering powders, one is a soft white shade while the other is a more golden radiance shade and both have been created to help capture a healthy, natural looking glow on the skin that every women desires..You will definitely surpass Christmas present expectations with this one!

 Ouai Hair Oil || What girl doesn't want hair that is silky smooth and in perfect condition?! It is the ultimate dream for most of us I think! With all of the heat that the majority of people use on their hair nowadays, it can be difficult to keep it looking and feeling as healthy as possible..And that is where these luxurious hair products come in useful! The one hair product in particular that I have recently added into my haircare routine everyday is the Hair Oil from the recently discovered brand, Ouai. After just a couple of weeks of using this oil, my hair looks shinier, feels smoother and is on its journey to appearing fully restored..It is the ideal gift for any women who appreciates luxury haircare and dreams of having the perfect luscious locks! Ouai also offer a huge variety of other award-winning products in their range too, meaning there is plenty more choice to pick from..There is definitely something for everyone!    

 Foreo Luna Play || Any beauty enthusiast knows the importance of looking after the skin, so any type of skincare gift is without a doubt going to be highly appreciated. I understand that sometimes it can be difficult to buy someone cleansers and moisturisers as a present because of course everyones skin is different and everyone has different preferences in regards to the face products and brands which they use..So, why not try something a little different and gift a skincare accessory instead? The award-winning brand Foreo have some revolutionary skincare tools available in their product range, all of which focus on your personal skincare needs in order to help achieve beautifully natural skin. The most recognised product from the brand is probably The LUNA, which is this silicone skincare device that channels pulsations in various intensity levels for facial cleansing and anti-aging. Depending on your budget, there are few different varieties of The LUNA to choose from, and my personal favourite is The LUNA Play..It is small yet mighty! It has all of the power and the skincare benefits of the T-Sonic brushes but it is all packed into this small, macaroon-sized device which is just SO adorable..And a little bit more affordable too! The LUNA play is an ideal present for someone who has not yet tried this product out before, as it gives them the chance to see what it is all about, and if they enjoy the experience of it then they can then choose to purchase one of the T-Sonic ones if they would like. With their innovative technology and design, Foreo are taking the skincare world by storm and I am positive that every beauty enthusiast would love the opportunity to give one of their sensational products a try.

These are the sorts of items that are those unforgettable gifts which we love and appreciate waking up to on Christmas morning and we enjoy using from then on out.
What luxury items would you love to find hidden underneath your Christmas tree this year? 

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