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If you spot a Jo Malone London gift box nestled beneath your Christmas tree this year, then you know that you are in for a super special treat which will get your senses tingling.
Wether it is a candle, a cologne, a body creme, a bath oil or any of the other amazing products that Jo Malone have to offer, one thing is for certain..It is going to smell absolutely incredible! Jo Malone are known for their unique portfolio of fragrances and luxury products for the bath, body and home, and with at least one scent to suit everybody's unique preferences, their items make for the most exquisite, personal gifts to spoil someone special with at Christmas. Every year, specially for the Holiday Season, Jo Malone launch an incredible festive collection which includes a variety of different limited edition items and scents..All of which are perfect for gift giving! The Jo Malone Christmas launch is one that many people anticipate every year, and it is the one particular debut that will never fail to leave you wanting more. If there is one annual launch that I look forward to each year, it is this one, without a doubt! Unsurprisingly, 2016's offering is just as breathtaking, if not more so, than previous years we have seen before..Let me introduce, Jo Malone London's seasonal, Theatre of Christmas collection. 

Make Merry Mischief with magic and mayhem as luxury brand, Jo Malone reveal their phenomenal latest collection and invite us into the scented world of Christmas wonder. This years range is made up of some remarkable brand new products, along with the return of some old favourites which are available in the striking Christmas style packaging. Jo Malone have gone all out and exceed expectations this year as they have released candles, colognes, body creams, soaps, oils and Christmas crackers, all of which are presented in a distinctive and sophisticated gold and black harlequin print, complete with a matching ribbon and bow! With the abundance of beautiful scents and the fabulous fantasy packaging, there is definitely no denying that this limited edition collection has something to offer for everyone, and each and every one of the items available in the range will make for the most precious gifts to both give and receive on Christmas morning! 

Possibly the most desirable piece out of the entire Christmas range this year is the sensational, Orange Bitters Cologne. This is in fact the first time that Jo Malone have created a scent specifically for the festive season to launch as a part of their limited edition Christmas collection, and it was definitely one worth waiting for..It is absolutely magnificent! Although this scent has been released in time for the Christmas period, it is actually not the typical winter, spicy-orange scent which you may imagine and it is instead inspired by a cocktail which has got a really fresh and uplifting feel to it, on a deep dark base. Whilst it is beautiful for the festive season, there is a distinct freshness to it which can easily take you through to Spring and Summer as well. Orange Bitters is filled with notes of sweet orange, mandarin, bitter orange, prune, sandalwood and amber. The dashing of prune adds a little sweetness and rich juiciness to the fragrance whilst the combination of sandalwood and amber adds depth and elegance. This really is such a stunning, warming winter fragrance which is uniquely both fresh and fruity, and so easy to wear. In terms of fragrance combining, Orange Bitters blends beautifully with Pomegranate Noir, which adds a little more darkness and winter woodiness to it, giving a bitter orange twist to the classic Pomegranate Noir fragrance. Another scent that this one also combines well with is Grapefruit, as it increases the warm, juicy citrus feel and gives it a lively summer twist!
As well as the incredible fragrance that Orange Bitters offer, can we just take a second to also acknowledge this spectacular design that has been created on the bottle? It has been done in the same magical harlequin print as the outer packaging which is seen throughout the range..It is just so extravagant and completely mesmerising! If you want to treat someone special or even treat yourself to just one item out of the whole Jo Malone Theatre of Christmas collection then I cannot recommend the Orange Bitters cologne enough, as it would make the ultimate opulent treat that anybody would love to unwrap on Christmas day. 

Every year Jo Malone release two different Christmas Crackers within their limited edition seasonal collection, but these are no ordinary Christmas crackers..These are the most deluxe Christmas crackers you have set eyes on! The first option is perfect for someone who adores all of the Jo Malone products, and it is the Ultimate Christmas Cracker..This is the most extravagant cracker to ever be seen and I have no doubt that it would be the most treasured gift of all for someone who loves their fragranced items. The ultimate cracker is made up of four full-sized products, which include a home candle, a 100ml cologne, a body & hand wash and also a body creme too..All of which you get to decide the scent of, making it a little more of a personal gift. You can mix and match fragrances and get each of the products in a different scent, or if the recipient has one signature Jo Malone scent in particular that they love, then you can choose to have all four of the items in that one specific scent..It is luxury, bespoke gift giving at it's finest and there is no denying that it will be one of the best, most opulent presents underneath the tree!
Along side the ultimate Christmas cracker, each year Jo Malone also release a second Christmas Cracker which is more of a budget-friendly option. This cracker includes a selection of three travel-sized products, all of which have been carefully pre-picked by the lovely people at Jo Malone. Every year the products inside this cracker remain the same but they do alter the scents which they choose to include, so each time you can expect something a little different. Inside this years Christmas cracker you will find, a Blackberry and Bay Body and Hand Wash, a Basil and Neroli Cologne and a Mimosa and Cardamom Body Creme as well..All of which smell absolutely incredible! These smaller Christmas crackers make the most perfect stocking filler gifts, especially for someone who is new to the Jo Malone range and wants to try out some of their products and scents before choosing which items they would like to splurge their money on..Or, if you are feeling super fancy and you want to give your guests a Christmas dinner that they will never forget, you could even present one of these at each place setting around the table and give everyone of your guests a delightful surprise treat..Instantly, the best Christmas dinner award goes to you!

Another novelty item that Jo Malone now release every year is their Christmas Ornament, which is essentially their version of a beauty bauble. Christmas beauty baubles have been on the scene for quite a few years now, and over the years so many different beauty brands have begun to develop and release their own unique ones which are filled with miniature sized versions of some of their best selling products, and I am SO happy that Jo Malone have started to create these as a part of their seasonal collection. Out of the variety of brands that now offer Christmas beauty baubles, there is no denying that Jo Malone's are one of the most magnificent of the bunch! Similarly to the small Christmas cracker, the Christmas ornament also comes with a couple of pre-picked travel-sized treats inside for you to enjoy. Each year it contains a small bottle of cologne and a miniature tub of body creme, but the scent of the two products differs every time. For this years ornament Jo Malone chose to include a duo of their favourite scents, so inside you will receive a Peony & Blush Suede Cologne and a Grapefruit Body Creme..A fruity-floral combination which smells utterly devine! Again, this Christmas ornament will make a spectacular stocking filler for someone who would love to try out and indulge in some new Jo Malone products, or if you want to have the most luxurious Christmas tree around, then you could buy a couple of the ornaments and dot them around the tree as special surprise treats for everyone on Christmas morning. If I had the budget to do so, I would one hundred percent decorate my entire Christmas tree full of Jo Malone ornaments..Would that not be the most incredible tree you have ever seen?

Wether you are buying as a gift for someone else or you are just treating yourself this Christmas, then you cannot go far wrong with any of the wonderful items from the limited edition Christmas collection at Jo Malone. The range of products this year is bigger and better than ever before, meaning there is definitely something for absolutely everybody to enjoy, and with just one of these gifts you really could make someones Christmas magical!
Have you treated someone special to a Jo Malone gift this Christmas? Which are your favourite items out of the entire limited edition seasonal collection?
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