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There really is so much to love about this time of year..The colour of the leaves on the trees, walking in the cold Autumn air, being wrapped up in layers of cosy clothes, THE LUSH COSMETICS CHRISTMAS RANGE BEING LAUNCHED..Yes, the latter is my favourite without a doubt!
With Christmas quickly approaching and all of the wonderful festivities surrounding us, of course I had to make my annual trip to my local LUSH store to stock up on some of the latest seasonal launches. LUSH always feels that extra bit special around Christmas time and you can always rely on them to release an incredible array of limited edition products to get us all in the spirit of Christmas. The collection this year seems to be bigger and better than ever, and while it features many of our classic Christmas favourites from previous years, there are also some magnificent new products, which have not been seen before to get excited about!

"Blast away your cares with these pampering experiences"
Once your bath tub is filled with warm water, drop your chosen bath bomb in and watch as it works it's magic..Some LUSH bath bombs are full of explosions of pretty colours, while others contain many hidden secret surprises like flower petals and popping candy..so prepare to be amazed with the unexpected! Once the bath bomb has completely dissolved into the water, you can then get into your bath and just lay back and indulge in the luxury..Enjoy the wonderful colours and the gorgeous fragrance, and just unwind.   
 GOLDEN WONDER || A Christmas present from LUSH is something that I anticipate unwrapping every year, so for me, it doesn't get much better than a pretty present-shaped bath bomb..I cannot wait melt away the bow see what is inside that royal golden exterior! Much like an actual Christmas present that is all wrapped up under the tree, when you pick up the Golden Wonder bath bomb and shake it, you can actually hear something moving about inside. I think that this is such a cute and unique concept to include in a bath bomb, and since I was admittedly a present-rattler as a kid, it made me feel quite nostalgic..It is like a fun little game trying to guess what is inside, and I am sure it is going to be a fun-filled spectacle of a surprise in this parcel!  
Putting the cute design and the incredible scent aside for one moment, it was hearing about what this does to the bath water that really sold it to me..It offers all the majestic mermaid vibes you ever dreamed of! As soon as Golden Wonder is dropped in the water, it explodes with the most gorgeous array of blue, green, purple and florescent yellow froth that swirls together and fills the bath water. If that wasn't amazing enough, there are also little golden stars packed within the centre of the parcel, which start to appear as it fizzes away. These little stars float on top of the multi-coloured fizzing layer of froth, and then eventually dissolve into the blue water beneath, leaving it laced with a metallic golden lustre. Once the fizzy white layer dissolves you are then left with the most stunning deep blue bath water with golden shimmer swirling around you..It is like your very own mermaid lagoon! As well as being a sight for sore eyes, this bath bomb is also a sweet treat for your scent senses too. With a blend of cognac oil, lime oil and sweet orange oil, it has got a sweet citrus scent that is guaranteed to refresh and uplift your mood. The use of this lovely mixture of oils comes together to create a sweet, fizzy, champagne-like perfume. It is not too overpowering and it reminds me of an orange sherbet candy. Nothing about this product will leave you feeling disappointed..The Golden Wonder bath bomb really is the gift that keeps on giving!

 SO WHITE || So basic, so plain, so simple..So White. While this is up there will some of the less colourful, less exciting looking bath bombs from LUSH, what is has to unveil from the inside once it hits the water is actually something quite delightful..But question is, will it be the fairest of them all?!
Featuring Bergamot, orange and Neroli, the So White bath bomb has a crisp, fruity scent which almost smells as if you are biting into a fresh Granny-Smith apple. Also featured in this lovely blend is a touch of rose absolute, which gives the fragrance a gentle muskiness and seals it with the most subtle floral finish..It is a very calming and fresh scent to enjoy. While you lay back and appreciate the fragrance that fills the room, you can also watch the water transform in front of your eyes as the bath bomb slowly fizzes away. Upon hitting the water, it almost instantly starts frothing and releasing waves of foam that is white as snow across the surface of the bath before turning the water the most beautiful spectrum of bright yellows, blues and greens. The colours inside of the So White bath bomb compliment the scent so well, and it definitely rivals some of the more extravagant seasonal releases.             

 MISTLETOE || Much like the plant cuttings that you find hanging from the ceiling, this Mistletoe bath bomb also has a very pretty, intricate appearance to it that will no doubt catch your eye (and your nose!) when you stumble across it. 
Containing a blend of jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil and vetivert oil, this bath bomb offers a scent that is both sweet and sensual. Whilst the prominent scent of jasmine offers a light and romantic floral aroma, the delicate notes of vetivert gives it that kick of sultriness. To complete the overall calming, fairy-tale fragrance, the hint of ylang ylang oil adds in that touch of sweetness that we all desire at Christmas time. If the scent alone doesn't manage to sweep you off your feet enough, then you wait until you see what it does to the bath! As soon as the Mistletoe bath bomb hits the water, a stream of light green and bright pink foam disperses out of the casing, before eventually turning the entire bath water a vivid, sultry shade of deep purple, with the prettiest patterns and swirls of pink and white on the surface. The statement colours that have been used combine with the scent perfectly and together they create a passionate, seductive Christmas indulgence to enjoy.  

 FATHER CHRISTMAS || The main man himself has made a return from last years Christmas collection and I could not be more thrilled. Father Christmas is not only one of the most festive bath bombs to look at, but the scent of it is also one of my all time favourites from the seasonal LUSH range..It is sweet like Santa!
Sharing its scent with the much loved limited edition Snow Fairy range, I think it is safe to say that this bath bomb will be a favourite for the majority who try it. As you would expect from a Snow Fairy scented product, it gives off a sweet, freshly-spun candyfloss and bubblegum aroma, that fills the entire room and makes you feel instantly comforted and uplifted..It is like bathing in a sweet shop! Alongside the marvellous fragrance, you also get to indulge in some pretty fantastic festive colours as well. Once Father Christmas hits the water, it fizzes up and begins to churn out a lovely santa-red and holly-green froth from the centre that spreads out across the top of the surface of the bath water..If that colour combination doesn't define a Christmas bath, then I don't know what will!          

 STAR DUST || This is possibly the most understated bath bomb of them all from this years Christmas range at LUSH..While Star Dust may be the most basic from the collection, it still obtains simple beauty that should not be overlooked. It may not be as large as a usual bath bomb and it doesn't boast any fancy colours on the outside like the majority of the others available, but it does have some cute little surprises on the inside, meaning it can still offer a lovely bathing experience..Do not judge a bath bomb from its exterior!   
From the outside star dust appears to be just a plain white star with extremely subtle specks of colour throughout. When this bath bomb is dropped in the water, it fizzes away creating a white foam that settles on the surface of the water, and much to our surprise, the more it dissolves, the more colour it gives off..As it fizzes away and gets nearer to the centre of the star, a lovely shade of sky blue emerges and fills the water in the bath tub which is so calming! However it doesn't just stop there..Just when you think the star is nearly completely dissolved, it starts releasing small blue, green, red and yellow stars into the water. This is a special surprise element to an otherwise simple bath bomb, and it gives off such a pretty effect as the colourful stars move out across the water through the white foam. To match perfectly with the simple dynamics of this bath bomb it also offers a simplistic scent to calmly send you into ultimate relaxation. With a blend of vanilla absolute, rosewood oil and bergamot oil the star dust fragrance is warm, rich and fairly sweet. Everything about the Star Dust bath bomb is just enough to relax your mind and replenish your body and although not very elaborate, it is still a lovely product to try.  

 LUXURY LUSH PUD || "Now Bring us some figgy pudding and bring some out here!"..The only type of Christmas pudding that I will be indulging in this year is the Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb, and I am going to enjoy every sweet second of it.
The Luxury Lush Pud offers a rich and warm aroma which is equally warming, comforting and relaxing. The fine blend of tonka absolute and lavender oil makes for a sweet dessert-like vanilla scent with a lovely hint of lavender. Albeit I wouldn't normally consider lavender to be a particular favourite scent of mine, I surprisingly enjoy it in this bath bomb as it is more subtle than overpowering, making it quite a calming scent to relax in.
As well as having a soothing fragrance to enjoy, it also offers a stunning array of colours to your bath water. Marvel in its beauty as the streams of pink, blue, yellow and green spill out of the bath bomb as it fizzes and froths on the waters surface. The Luxury Lux Pud really does put on a striking entertainment show and it truly is a feast for every single one of your senses.    

 NORTHERN LIGHTS || The least Christmassy of the bunch, but possibly the most extravagant and the one I am most excited about using is Northern Lights. One of my biggest dreams in life is to go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights light up the sky, so why would I not want to see the equivalent of the beauty of the night sky in my bath tub?!
With the combination of ylang ylang oils and jasmine absolute that have been used in the creation of this bath bomb, it gives off a scent which is noticeably floral and quite intense, yet still comforting and relaxing at the same time. The fragrance is so strong that it instantly fills up the room, and within minutes you will be feeling completely uplifted! Now, although the scent of this bath bomb is pretty impressive, it is actually the colourful display that it performs in the bath which makes it more spectacular than any other product..As soon as it hits the water, it put on a show for you to enjoy! You are greeted with mounds of beautiful purple foam which is instantly followed by blue and yellow trails that emerge from either side of the wand. Once the bath bomb has fully dissolved, there is magic in the patterns and the swirls that are left behind, and the vibrant shades of purple, blue and yellow all clash together so well..It is like art for your bath and it is something quite special. So lay back, relax and get lost in the spectrum of colours! 

"Burrow under a blanket of bubbles"
Crumble your bubble bar under the warm running water, or swish it and swoosh it around the water in the bath tub to see the colours come alive and bubbles foam fast. Most bubble bars are perfect for one blissful bath, so do not worry about using too much or too little.  

 PEEPING SANTA || Making a return from last years Christmas range is this little cutie, Peeping Santa..Which actually reminds me of a delicious strawberry treat that looks (and smells!) good enough to eat! Whilst this Santa bubble bar may look to be one of the most festive products available from the entire LUSH collection this year, it does not smell too Christmassy at all, in my opinion..The scent of this one actually reminds me of something that I would be more inclined to use around Valentine's day than Christmas. Reguardless of that though, it is a really lovely scent and I still love it non the less.
Packed full of bergamot and geranium oils, this bubble bar offers a rich and very decadent strawberry aroma, which is gorgeously fresh, fruity and very uplifting. Sandwiched between the fragrant bubble bar is a generous layer of organic cocoa and shea butter, so not only will you get out of your bath smelling incredible but your skin will also be left feeling super soft and moisturised as well.      

 CANDY MOUNTAIN || A prominent piece from the LUSH seasonal Christmas range, which seems to get more magical every year is the notorious, Candy Mountain bubble bar. With a similar, yet slightly more intense scent to snow fairy, this bath product is probably as sweet as they come..It smells absolutely devine and it is definitely a personal favourite of mine which I look forward to indulging myself in every single Christmas..It is a smell that I never get bored of and one which I wish I had all year around!   
Full to the peak of vanilla absolute, Candy Mountain gives off a blissfully sugary-sweet candy floss aroma, which I am sure will appeal to anybody who has a sweet-tooth and a nose for sugar. Once you get out of your relaxing, sparkly pink bubble bath, the fragrance also lingers around on your skin, so it keeps you feeling sweet for several hours after your bath too!  

"Burrow under a blanket of bubbles..time and time again"
For a bar that lasts a little longer, a reusable bubble bar is the answer. Simply twirl these bars into your bath water until it is brimming with beautiful, colourful bubbles. Once you have as many bubbles as you desire, just whip the bar out of the water, and leave it in a cool, dry place ready to use again for your next relaxing bubble bath. 
 MAGIC WAND || A LUSH Christmas favourite every year and the one festive bath treat which I would always recommend to absolutely everybody is the incredible, Magic Wand. Not only is this bubble bar extremely aesthetically pleasing with its super cute combination of barbie pink and silver sparkles, but with it being a part of the infamous Snow Fairy scented Christmas range, it also smells blooming wonderful too! 
Give the Magic Wand a little swish under your running bath water and watch it change your bath into a relaxing heaven of pink bubbles that smell like sweet candy floss and bubble gum..Don't forget to make a special Christmas wish as well! 

 SANATASAURUS || A new bubble bar which LUSH have released for this years Christmas collection is Santasaurus, and while I do enjoy the scent of the one, I partially got it because it is cute AF! Seriously, a dinosaur wearing a santa's hat..How could I resist?! 
If you are familiar with the 'Honey I washed the Kids' scent from LUSH, then you may recognise the smell of this one, as it is extremely similar. With hints of Brazillian Orange and Bergamot Oil, Santasaurus will fill your bathroom with a zesty, citrus aroma that is very refreshing and uplifting to help rejuvinate you after a long day. While the scent might not scream Christmas to most people, the colour that is turns the water definitely will..As this one slowly dissolves, it turns the bath water into a lovely festive shade of green which is absolutely perfect for Christmas time! 

 THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS || Everything about this bubble bar just screams Christmas. From its name, to its appearance and even to its scent..It is literally Christmas in a bubble bar and I am SO happy that LUSH decided to release it again for this years seasonal collection. With its warm and spicy, yet sweet, cinnamon scent, The Magic Of Christmas bubble bar really is the perfect bath time treat for this festive time of year.  
As you swirl this bar around your bath tub, watch the water transform before your eyes into a beautiful shade of orange which is full of glistening sparkles..I mean, Who doesn't want to bathe in orange, glittery water that smells like cinnamon at Christmas?! This bubble bar is just all kinds of Christmas festivities rolled into one cute sparkly star, and it is definitely a personal favourite of mine!

"Melt into luxury"
Drop either half or a whole bath melt into the bath tub as it fills up with warm water, and watch the melt slowly break up and dissolve away. Once the bath is full, get in and sit back and relax while the natural oils soften and moisturise your skin.  
 SNOW ANGEL || Shaped like the angel that you will find on the top of your Christmas tree, the Snow Angel bath melt is a beautiful addition to your LUSH Christmas family. Whilst this product is much more understated than most of the others from the collection, there is still beauty in its simplicity, and it is a definite eye-catcher with all of its sparkles. It may not turn your bath water into a sea of bright colours, but it is beautiful non the less..Have you ever thought about laying in warm snow? If you use your imagination, then that is kind of what this bath melt is like! Once it has dissolved, it will blanket your bath water with a white foam, which almost looks like a wintery flurry of snow..Heavenly!  
Made with a blend of Rose, Benzoin and Cassie Absolute, this bath melt offers a wonderfully sweet and delicately rich marzipan scent, which is so warm and Christmassy that it will leave you feeling full of festive cheer! Within Snow Angel there is also a moisturising layer of organic cocoa butter to make sure your winter skin is treated to a softening soak.

"Fragrant and fun to brighten your mood"
A LUSH shower gel is not only designed to clean and soften your skin, but also to impact your mood. Lather your chosen scent of shower gel all of your body whilst in the shower to feel instantly comforted, relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world.
 SNOW FAIRY || No introduction necessary for this one as it is possibly the most loved Christmas LUSH product of all time..The infamous, Snow Fairy shower gel. Since snow fairy is technically its own little scented range within the Christmas collection, it is actually available in many more forms than just a shower gel..You can also get it in a body conditioner, a reusable bubble bar (Magic Wand) and also in Fun as well, however it is the Shower Gel that everyone, including myself, goes absolutely crazy loco for! If there is one thing that I look forward to in the annual launch of the Christmas LUSH collection it is this shower gel..It is something that I stock up on year in year out and if LUSH ever did decided to stop selling it, I would quite literally be left heart-broken. No, I am not being over dramatic, it is just my favourite shower fragrance ever! 
If you want to smell like sweet candy floss and bubblegum for the duration of the day after your shower, then this scent is your perfect shower companion. Lather the gel all over your body whist you are in the water and the scent will leave you feeling comforted and joyful whilst your skin will be left smelling like a candy-shop and shimmering like the crown jewels. Snow Fairy is without a doubt the ulimate Christmas LUSH product, and if you are only going to pamper yourself with one item from the collection, make sure it is this one!

A festive treat to indulge in at Christmas time, does not get much better than one of these LUSH limited edition, seasonal products..They have all of the sweetness of a sugary treat, but none of the badness to worry about! The run up to Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and one thing that I am most excited about this year is pampering myself with each and every one of these wonderful bath products on the cold Winter evenings. Nothing says relaxation like a LUSH bubble bath! 
What are your favourite products from the Christmas range at LUSH this year?

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