Wednesday, 14 December 2016


One of my favourite things about Christmas is making the house feel super festive and cosy.
I love to decorate all of the rooms in the house just as much as I love decorating the Christmas tree and so many different stores are now selling the most beautiful decorations, which make the perfect little extras to get your house fully primed for the Holiday season.

A few of these items have come from some of my favourite homeware stores such as Next, Laura Ashley and T.K.Maxx however, the majority of the pieces I picked up have actually come from small, independent business shops which are local to my home town. As incredible as the Christmas Decorations are in the more larger, well-known department stores, I often find that in the small little shops that you stumble upon, nestled in the middle of a town or village is where you can come across some of the cutest decorations to display in your home..Also, because they are a little bit more unique and not everybody has access to them, pieces from these kinds of shops just feel that bit more special to have!
Have you decorated your home for the festive Season this year? Where is your favourite shop to get your decorations from?
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