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Stocking Fillers are without a doubt one of the best types of Christmas gifts. Not only can they be some of the most fun presents to buy, but they are often the most well received as well..It is generally those small and unexpected items that are guaranteed to put an instant smile on the recipients face when they open them up on Christmas Day!
Growing up it was always tradition in my family home that my Brother and I would wake up early, unhook our stockings off of our bedroom doors and go into our Mum and Dads bedroom to sit on the bed together and open up all of our stocking fillers..And still to this day, even at the age of 23, I find opening my stocking fillers to be one of the most exciting parts of Christmas morning! However, noticeably over the years, stocking fillers have definitely evolved and it all seems to be a little more worldly nowadays. Traditionally, the sock shaped bag was told to be filled by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve night, and inside you would find smaller gifts, such as chocolate coins, clementines, sweets and maybe even the odd toy or two. However, fast forward to 2016 and stocking fillers now consist of more desirable and more useful items which usually require a little bit more money to be spent.
..Albeit, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to break the bank to fill up a stocking with some cute, thoughtful presents that everybody would be grateful to receive. 

 Percy & Reed Haircare Products || Big, bouncy, voluminous hair is something that every girl desires, and in order to create that perfect style, you need the perfect products..Well, look no further than luxury haircare brand, Percy & Reed. I don't know many people who do not love this brand, and for good reason too..Their products are just incredible! Their Dry Shampoo is one of their most-loved, hero products and it is one of my personal favourites. It soaks up excess oil, cleanses the scalp and also adds texture and body to fine hair, leaving your hair looking fresh, shiny and bouncy. To go hand-in-hand with their dry shampoo, Percy & Reed also have a Volumising Spray in their haircare range, which is effectively very similar to dry shampoo, but using this product afterwards will just offer more body, volume and texture to help style your hair how you want it. When these two products are used together they are a dream hair duo, and for Christmas this year they have been released in miniature size, in the form of a tree decoration..How cute?! I know your typical toiletries are overlooked when it comes to gift-giving, but if you can find practical ones that are this adorable, they make for the ideal present. 

 Bombay Duck Alphabet Mug || One thing that everyone loves no matter what their age is a personalised gift. Whether it’s a monogrammed travel wallet, a scarf with their initials sewn on or an engraved piece of jewellery, personalised gifts always go down so well. It is a small, yet thoughtful added extra that just makes any present seem that bit more special. These personalised Alphabet Spotty Mugs from Bombay and Duck are absolutely fabulous, and any avid tea drinker would fall head over heels for one. With their distinctive gold handles and different coloured spots, they really do make an adorable gift.  

 Charbonnel Et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles || We all love to receive a chocolate gift at Christmas, don't we? Of course we do! For me, a stocking just would not be complete without some form of Chocolate being in there, and no one does chocolate quite like Charbonnel et Walker. Their iconic pink Marc De Champagne Truffles are an exquisite gift that I am sure anybody and everybody would love to indulge in over the holiday season..Afterall, we don't need to calorie count at Christmas!

 Strawberry & Prosecco Lip Balm || Champagne chocolates and now Prosecco Lip Balm?! Things really are getting in the festive spirit over here! A small novelty gift is a stocking filler must, and a lip balm is something that anybody, of any age or even gender would find useful. Not only does this particular lip balm smell and taste (not that you should be eating it!) amazing, but it also a totally natural product that has been made with beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, calendula oil and also other essential oils to ensure that it is kind to the lips. Practical, protecting and prosecco, what more could you ask for? 

 Ted Baker Brogue Notebook || While stationary may not seem like one of the most exciting presents to give, I feel like it is definitely one of the most exciting presents to receive. Especially with all of the cute notebooks and pens that you can get at the moment..Writing down memos and getting work done never seemed so exhilarating before, and as strange as it sounds, it is so much more motivating to work when you are surrounded by new, pretty stationary to use. There is such a variety of stationary brands out there now to choose from, all at a range of different prices, and while Ted Baker are mostly know for their high fashion and more luxury accessories, they do actually offer some of the most gorgeous little gifts at Christmas time that are quite budget friendly and extremely atheistically pleasing..Including notebooks and pens! This is the Brogue Notebook that Ted Baker have recently released and I instantly fell in love with it. It is covered in soft PU suede, punched to give the appearance of the stitching on a pair of brogues, it features a rose print on the inside leaves, gold page edging and a pretty tassel bookmark..The perfect gift for someone who loves to stay organised and loves to write things down! Everyone needs and enjoys stationary, and how cute would this little book look displayed out on someones desk? YES to presents that are practical and pretty!

 Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment || I am never without a nice hand cream in my handbag, and I think I speak for a lot of other people when I say that it is a daily handbag essential..Especially throughout the Winter months! This Hand Treatment from Molton Brown is the perfect size to just slot into your bag and take with you on the go every day, so that you know you have it whenever you need it. It is a luxurious, ultra-rich hand cream that quickly melts into skin for long-lasting hydration and nourishment. Once the cold weather starts to settle in, many people begin to suffer from dry and chapped hands, and for those people, a good, thick hand cream is an absolute god send to help get there skin feeling soft and supple again! 

 Jo Malone Miniature Collection || When you spot a Jo Malone box buried amongst the gifts underneath the Christmas tree, you just know that it is going to be one of the best of the bunch. When it comes to fragrant colognes and body care, no-one does it like Jo Malone, and for the ultimate luxury pampering experience, they offer the greatest gifts of all. There is no denying that along with luxury products, comes the luxury price tag, but with the limited edition Jo Malone Crackers and Ornaments which they release specifically for Christmas, you can try out some of their best-selling products at a fraction of the price. In this years Christmas Cracker you will receive a 9ml bottle of cologne, a travel sized body and hand wash and also a miniature body creme too, and inside the Christmas Ornament you will also find a 9ml bottle of cologne and a mini body creme too..While the products are the same, the scents included in each one are in fact different, so you can choose which one to go for based on the recipients preferences. If you are buying for someone who is new to Jo Malone then these little sets are great gifts, as it gives them the chance to test out the infamous Jo Malone products and try the scents to see if they like them before they commit to spending a lot more money on them. I cannot think of any girl, or guy, who would not love to receive either of these presents on Christmas Day..You can never fail with smellies!

 Diptyque Mini Baies Scented Candle || Whether it is your mum, your nan, your auntie, your sister, your girlfriend, your best friend or anybody else for that matter, you can not go far wrong with a beautiful scented candle. Every women loves a candle, and if they are a candle enthusiast and really appreciate a good candle when they see a smell one, then Diptyque is your one-stop shop. These are definitely some of the most luxurious candles that you can get your hands on, and that does reflect in the pricing of them. They are a little more expensive than your average candle, but I can guarantee that they are one hundred percent worth every penny of their price tag..They are just the ultimate candles. Not only do they look and smell incredible, but once they have finished burning, the empty jars can be reused to make the most perfect makeup brush holders..We love a multi-taking product! If you want to treat your special lady to a Diptyque treasure but you do not want to splash too much money on a candle then their Miniature Candles are a great option..Same great smell, but half the size and half the price..and a perfect addition to any stocking!  

 Kate Spade Holly Drive Compact Mirror || When it comes to lust-worthy stocking filler gifts, Kate Spade is one of my favourite places to look. Yes, they may be a luxury brand that is normally associated to be a little more on the pricey side, but more often than not you can actually pick up some great smaller gifts from there at fairly reasonable prices..For instance, this pocket-sized Compact Mirror, which is perfect for slipping into your handbag so it is always there to use whenever you need it. I believe that a small mirror is such a useful handbag accessory for any girl to have, yet it is one of those items that you don't know you need, until you need it..If that makes sense? And since it is something that not many people would go out any buy for themselves, I think it would be such a lovely present to gift to someone special. 

 Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms trio || A small makeup gift is a perfect stocking filler gift for any beauty lover out there, and this particular set is one of my absolutely favourites..It just proves that 'gorgeous things come in small packages'! Returning from last years Christmas range is the Mini Lipsticks trio from Charlotte Tilbury. If you are wanting to treat someone to a special gift, that has a bit more of a luxurious feel to it, then this would be perfect. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are some of my personal favourites and these miniature versions of them are just so darn cute! In the set you get a variety of three different shades which are 'Penelope Pink''Bitch Perfect' and 'So Marilyn', and these are all apart of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick formula range, which is incredible. You cannot go wrong with a Charlotte Tilbury lippie!

 Molton Brown Festive Shower Gel Bauble || Christmas beauty baubles have been on the scene for a few years now, however over the years, more and more beauty brands have boarded the beauty bauble train and developed their own, unique ones filled with miniature sized versions of their best selling products. This year, Molton Brown have got involved, and they have released an entire range of these limited edition festive Christmas Baubles..Each one filled with a different one of the Molton Brown signature fragrant shower gel scents for you to choose from. They are really inexpensive, will look adorable hanging on the tree and I am sure anybody would be over the moon to open one of these on Christmas morning!

I honestly believe that these special and thoughtful gifts are the most perfect additions to a Christmas stocking, and I think that anybody who is lucky enough to receive presents like these would be over the moon to unwrap them on Christmas morning.
Every item that I have included here is priced at under £30, which just shows that you can do luxury Christmas stocking fillers and not have to spend crazy amounts of money to do so.
What are your favourite kind of stocking filler gifts to give and receive?

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