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Nothing says Christmas make-up more than a festive red lip, and there is certainly no denying that no-one does a classic red shade quite like the iconic, Christian Louboutin.
That show-stopping signature red that you can have on the sole of your shoes, on the top of your nails and even on the lining of your handbag, is now available for you to have coated over your lips as well..Yes, it is a make-up dream come true for all of us beauty lovers!
The Rouge Louboutin is a truly distinctive shade that is unlike any other red lip colour I have ever seen before..It is extremely unique and I am sure that any Louboutin expert would recognise it in an instant. The distinguishable colour has been formulated specially to compliment each and every skin tone, and it even comes in a variety of different finishes, including Velvet MatteSilky Satin and Sheer Voile, to suit for any occasions and preferences..There is definitely at least one in the collection to fulfil every individual women's red lip desires. Whether you are wanting a lip that is shiny and sultry, matte and mysterious or sheer and subtle, I guarantee that you will find your ideal red in this luxurious range..And, what better time is there to wear it than at Christmas time?! 

The stand out piece from the entire Louboutin beauty range is unquestionably, The Rouge Louboutin Lip ColourHoused in the most ostentatious, beautiful black metal casing and enclosed with the extraordinary turret-like crown cap, these opulent lipsticks are absolutely mesmerising, and they are definite head-turners right from the outset. Christian Louboutin is known to be a designer and creator of unique objects of desire and these products are certainly no exception..They are a treasured jewel work of art! The design of them is bold and intricate and they truly are one of a kind. Is it a vial of poison or a lions tooth? A weapon or a magic wand? Whatever your initial interpretation, every detail is captivating.

Whilst the Rouge Louboutin lip colour collection might only consist of one specific shade of red, it does in fact include three different finishes..Matte, Satin and Sheer. To differentiate between the three, they have each been housed in the same black metal casing, but with a slightly different detailed design on each one. The Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte lipstick comes in a dull, matte black tube which almost feels like velvet to touch. This lipstick itself is an intensely rich, full-coverage rouge that glides smoothly onto the lips and delivers a soft-touch matte finish..This one is for the women who wants to make a maximum impact! The Rouge Louboutin Silky Satin is housed in an identical black tube to the matte one, but this time it has a high-shine, glossy finish to it. This lipstick offers luxurious colour, which gives a medium to full coverage rouge and it dries to a silky satin finish that looks shiny and sensuous. Lastly, The Rouge Louboutin Sheer Voile is enclosed in the same signature black tube, and this one has a semi-shine, satin-like finish. The casing on the sheer voile definitely stands out the most out of the three, and rather than being unadorned like the others this one has actually been carved into to create an intricate mermaid tail-esque pattern..It is completely beyond stunning. The sheer lipstick provides a radiant and luminous shine without sacrificing any of the intense red impact..This one is for the women who wants a more subtle hint of Rouge Louboutin. I love the idea that the finish of each black metal case mimics the overall finish of the lipstick formula that is housed inside..It is another factor that makes the Rouge Louboutin collection that extra bit more unique and identifiable.

One shade, three finishes, and each one brings something different and something beautiful. Choose your favourite texture, finish and intensity which you desire to satisfy your personal preferences and start your iconic 'red sole' lip journey now, ready for Christmas.

To wear on it's own or to pair over the top of the Rouge Louboutin Lipsticks is The Rouge Loubilaque Lip Lacquer..These are high coverage, high shine and high drama! While the colour of this lip lacquer is that same iconic red shade as the three lipsticks in the Rouge Louboutin collection, it's finish is unlike any other..Loubilaque is Christian Louboutin's most transformative and dramatic formula to date! Just one swipe over the lips with the doe-foot applicator and you will achieve the true colour of that signature red, which will pair perfectly with the matching lipsticks..These lip lacquers are so highly pigmented that a single coat really is all you need for exquisite colour and coverage. As well as having an incredibly intense colour pay off, the Loubilaques also deliver a patent-leather shine like you have never seen before..It is a statement shine that is bold, sexy and arresting, and it immediately commands attention!
Similarly to the lipsticks in the collection, the Loubilaques also come housed in a remarkable vial that is topped off with the same crown cap. The vial bottle has been designed with thick clear walls, and much like the Rouge Louboutin Sheer Voile lip-colour, the casing has been carved with the same intricate mermaid tail pattern to encapsulate this opulent colour like an elixir. 

With the strong intensity of a lipstick and the nourishing, comfortable feel of a lipgloss, this lip lacquer offers everything that you could possibly wish for from a lip product..It really is sensational, and if you love your lips to have the shiniest of finishes, then you are going to love the Rouge Loubilaque Lip Lacquer. Finish off your Christmas make-up look this year with the Rouge Louboutin and let your lips outshine the star on the top of your Christmas tree!

Christian Louboutin has always incorporated the signature shiny, red-lacquered accents into all of his products and now he truly has captured the essence of his iconic red sole shade and he has brought it to life in the world of beauty. Each of the four products in the Rouge Louboutin collection are remarkable and they really are the definition of the perfect alliance of luxurious colour and superior wear. Whether you wear the products alone or layer up one of the lipsticks with the lip lacquer over the top, you can ultimately achieve the perfect red lip which is ideal for the festive season..Pair it with a simple, gold shimmery eye and you are completely ready for Christmas!

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