Wednesday, 28 December 2016


I can't quite believe that Christmas has already been and gone and that all of the festivities are now over and done with for another year..It honestly makes me feel so sad!
Christmas is my most favourite time of the year and I always hate it so much when it comes to an end, but not to worry..Only another 361 days until it is here again (not that I am counting!)Anyway, regardless of how quickly is went past, I hope that each and every one of you had a really wonderful Christmas however you spent it! I spent the day with my entire family around me, eating good food, drinking good gin, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas songs, playing fun games and in general just having an incredible, memorable day. It was full of laughter and family time and that is what Christmas is all about to me..Albeit, I have to admit, the presents are a nice addition to the day too!  

Over the past couple of days, whilst I have been lounging around the sofa recovering from eating my own body weight in food, something that I have really enjoyed doing is reading everyones 'What I got for Christmas' posts. I absolutely love being nosy and seeing what lovely gifts other people received, so personally I look forward to reading an abundance of these every single year..They are definitely some of my favourites! As well as enjoying to read everyone else's What I got for Christmas posts, I also really enjoy creating my own to publish on the blog to share my special surprise gifts with others too. I know that it is no secret that these posts are one of the most controversial to do, but I have done them for the last two years now and even though they are not to everyones taste, I do still want to continue with them..I would actually like to make this an annual tradition on my blog specially for every person who genuinely loves reading it as much as I love writing it. 

In previous years I have always included absolutely everything that I received for Christmas, no matter how big or how small. However, this year I have decided to switch it up and do it a little differently, and I am only going to be sharing my main, penultimate gift with you here on the blog. I have chosen to do it this way this year just to keep the post a bit more interesting, as the majority of the smaller gifts I received were either edible or wearable, and as much as I love chocolate and underwear, I am not sure that many people want to read about them and there is definitely not a lot that I can write about them either! Also, due to the price of my main gift this year, I asked everyone to not buy me anything else as these boots were extravagant enough and too generous alone!

..Everyone meet Jensen, the breathtaking leather ankle boots from, Acne Studios.
I have had my eye on these boots for the best part of a year now, and I still feel slightly overwhelmed that I finally have them in my possession..Is this real life?! I officially have the best family and the best boyfriend that anyone could ever wish for!

Usually my annual Christmas wishlist consists of food, pyjamas, perfume, clothes and just those kinds of standard little gifts which we all love to receive, however this year Dale and my family went above and beyond and they treated me to my dream pair of boots! 

I first come across these boots at the beginning of 2016 over on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with them. They were my idea of the perfect black chelsea boot and they went straight onto my wishlist..Not that I ever imagined I would own them in a million years! 

Every single year when Autumn rolls around, I always find myself on the hunt for a pair of black leather ankle boots, and every year I fail to find a pair that I am absolutely besotted with..Either the heels to big, the heels to small, the toe is too round..Maybe I am just too fussy with my footwear, but none ever seemed to match up with exactly what I was looking for. I had a vision of the boots that I wanted in my head, and until I stumbled across the Acne Jensen boots, I never thought my perfect boots existed. I love the exaggerated slim, pointed toe with the silver metal trim, as I feel it gives the boots a more feminine edge. The angular elastic side panels makes them easy to slip on and pull up. Also, I always prefer boots with a slight bit of a heel and the stacked heel on these gives that little extra height and it is perfect for walking around comfortably without getting sore feet. The Jensen boots were everything that I wanted and more. 

Even though they were well out of my price budget, I still found myself spending hours online lusting over them, doing my research and figuring out which ones I would like if I was ever lucky enough to own a pair myself! With so many variations of colour and texture available in the Jensen boots there is a lot to choose from, and it is best to know exactly what you want when spending that amount of money! I always knew that I wanted black leather, but I spent a lot of time debating between the smooth leather or the grained leather..Ultimately, I chose the smooth leather. While the grained leather possibly would of worn better and not marked as much, I just preferred the over all look of the smooth leather..Aren't they just beautiful?! 

I received some really spectacular gifts on Christmas Day this year and I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone in my life, I am so beyond grateful to them and I really cannot thank them all enough. The Acne Jensen boots are without a doubt the ultimate leather ankle boots for me, and I just know that I am going to get SO much wear out of them!
Even though I got the most incredible presents I will always remember that this is not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about spending quality time with your family and your loved ones..It is about who is around the tree, not what is under it.
What surprise gifts did you find underneath your Christmas tree this year?
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